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 Review of Mulholland Madness @ California Adventure
1 Rating Posted by: praxis on 10/31/2007 4:20:00 PM
A wild mouse coaster where the cars rotate, this is themed like road construction on the famous LA street. (Oh, if only LA traffic really did move so fast.)(Or you know what would be really nuts? If it was themed like the David Lynch movie!) Ahem. Anyway, as this type of ride goes, its better than Primeval Whirl at Animal Kingdom, not as good as Six Flags Pandemonium. The cars dont really spin so much as twist, but they do so well, smoothly, not jerky, yet in a way that maximizes the forces. This is most apparent in the series of U-turns at the top, where it really feels like youre about to get pushed off the track by inertia. The drops are small... a little bit of airtime on a few of the sharper dips, but nothing hugely special. Pretty good ride, and its in a part of the park where lines seem to be the shortest.
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