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 Review of Cyclone @ Astroland
4 Rating Posted by: coaster05 on 10/12/2007 11:46:00 PM
Let me start by saying I am glad I got to ride this coaster and visit this park, but I can also totally understand why this place is getting closed down. I found it sad as I walked around and imagined what it used to be like, and somethings should stay as positive memories, instead of shells of their former selves. APPEARANCE-7 An ok look and I appreciate the nostalgic look, but it is just not an attractive ride or area. CAPACITY-7 They check fast and dispatch pretty well, but nothing amazing. I also find it unique that so many complain about the service at SF, but these ops are deemed full of "character" when they display most of the same traits as an average SF employee. I will give credit to the one gentleman who was really concerned about my wifes glasses and kept them in his shirt pocket. That was cool and would not happen at a chain. RIDE QUALITY-8 Delivered a very good ride, but I dont see it measuring up to a lot of the woodies I have been on. Maybe in my top 20 for wood coasters. FUN-6 This was the most dissapointing aspect. I figured I would laugh and just have a grand old time, but it just didnt happen. I liked my 4 rides and that is about what a 6 is for me, like, but no where close to love. RERIDE-3 Maybe if I was in the area to eat at Nathans, but that is the only reason. OVERALL-31 AVG-6.2 I apologize for how I feel and I am by no means trying to discredit anyone who loves this place, but if Astroland disappears, at least in its current state, I will not miss it.

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hrrytraver on 10/13/2007 12:53:31 PM said:
what is happening to me...my lungs feel...im...fighting for air...my heart is, is, is beating strangely...my hearing sounds as if in a tunnel...im falling off my computer chair...help, someone...aaaaaahhhhhhhh!...........................
coaster05 on 10/13/2007 2:23:31 PM said:
Sorry hrry. Like I said I am in no means trying to discredit anyone who loves this place and I am sure if you grew up in the area it would be AWFUL to lose this park. I am giving more of an outsiders view of the place.
Timberman on 10/13/2007 3:34:58 PM said:
Okay TPCers, this just confirms what weve all known for some time. Something happened to coaster05 while he was on the Spain trip with TPR. Something twisted. Something unspeakable. Hrry, gas up the van. Larrygator, prepare the chloroform rag. Bobfunland, radio the safehouse that we have one on the way. Its TPC intervention time. Lets just pray were not too late.
detroit_jc on 10/14/2007 3:42:33 AM said:
timberman, i have heard only little about a closure but could you please elaborate for me what is happening? is the cyclone safe from whatever this is because of its national landmark & historical status?
Timberman on 10/14/2007 9:30:26 AM said:
Common wisdom says the Cyclone is safe from ruthless developers because of its National Historic Landmark status. However, while the Cyclone is listed on the on-line database for the National Register of Historic Places, it is not listed on the database as a National Historic Landmark.

My personal analysis is that nothing gets in the way of "progress," particularly an 80-year-old roller coaster. Whether lawfully or otherwise, the Cyclone will be gone when it starts costing the wrong people too much money or hassle. Thats exactly what happened to the Thunderbolt right down the street, and, sadly, the Cyclone will probably go the same way, suddenly, illegally, and unannounced.

coaster05 on 10/14/2007 10:04:23 AM said:
Thanks Timberman and I assure you I am all right and I wish I had something more positive to say. I really wish they could redevelop the park with Cyclone as its centerpiece, but judging from you East coasters it appears that is not going to happen.
ginzo on 10/14/2007 11:08:38 AM said:
"My personal analysis is that nothing gets in the way of "progress," particularly an 80-year-old roller coaster."

I cant agree more. Far too many enthusiasts naively proclaim that the Cyclone is "safe". The best that can be said is that the big dogs are at least keeping up an appearance of wanting to preserve the Cyclone. But when you consider that the best of Coney Island (Steeplechase, Dreamland, and Luna Parks) is long gone the destruction of the Cyclone is barely a verse in a tragic poem that really came to a close in the 1960s when Steeplechase Park closed. Correct me if Im wrong, but isnt the Cyclone famous mostly because it, by some miracle of fate, avoided the wrecking ball?
detroit_jc on 10/18/2007 6:56:57 PM said:
Coaster05..i am interested in your ride on the Cyclone.
you really did not describe any drops or anything. could i hear a little more about the ride?
coaster05 on 10/18/2007 9:24:55 PM said:
Not to be rude or anything, but there are 55 other reviews, many of which describe the layout. I am a whole experience type of rider and I do my reviews as such.
detroit_jc on 11/15/2007 9:38:00 AM said:
astroland will be open for the 2008 season!!!
check out the astroland website!
ginzo on 11/15/2007 1:38:26 PM said:
Good news. I need to get there!
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