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 Review of Saturn 6 @ Coney Island Rides
3 Rating Posted by: Horizons12 on 9/9/2007 12:17:00 PM
Saturn 6 is a Hurricane type ride that sits right on the side of the street, much like the other "Coney Island attractions." The ride was 5 bucks; one dollar more than two of the three measuring sticks of flatrides in CI: the Breakdance and Top Spin of Astroland. The third was the Zipper, which is now gone...and was also 5 bucks.

When I sat down, I was greeted to a seatbelt and lapbar. I naturally put the seatbelt on and pulled down the bar. Thats not the way this goes however! Apparently the lapbar comes first and the seatbelt goes over the bar and acts as its lock.

Prior to boarding I felt a little...not nauseous but the Nathans hotdog and cheese fries were just sitting in my stomach. I also knew how my tolerance to Hurricane rides has gone down for some reason; yet I pressed on!

The ride spins up and the arms sort of swing in and out until they reach maximum height. It took maybe one minute for the arms to reach the maximum swing height. This is different from the Hurricane where air pressure sends the arms flying high in seconds.

Of course another difference between Saturn 6 and Hurricane is that the Saturn 6 doesnt give riders the comfort of being upright; Sat 6 cars do not compensate for angle so you are completely sideways at the top of swings.

There are a few things I noted about this ride. One is that I may never go on this type of ride again unless its short. I did not feel good at all exiting this ride and had to walk it off. Next, the cars come SO close to adjacent objects. During one swing I looked to the right only to see the streetlight and powerlines a mere foot or so away from the car. Another thing is that the arm had a small bit of play to it! Like I could feel the car point outward slightly and then shift forward again as it came back down. This was also accompanied by "ka-chunk!" sound.

When the ride was over, as with both the Saturn 6 and Hurricane, the cars land on this steel ring around the center support. A set of wheels on the left side of the car roll against it. On the Hurricane this was a smooth landing. On Saturn 6 however, it was like riding down a cobblestone road! Once it landed all I heard was the sound of loose metal rattling accompanied with a wooden rollercoaster like shaking. And they just let it roll to a stop which prolonged this all for like 30 seconds.

Jeez, the Saturn 6. Its so Coney Island. Its not that bad of a ride; I would have liked it much more if I didnt feel like puking after I stepped off of it (interestingly enough I did Breakdance and Top Spin back to back a few hours after and felt OK after it.) Saturn 6 really wasnt worth 5 bucks but those indie ops need to make money I guess.

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adriahna on 9/11/2007 6:51:41 PM said:
Shoot... Ill have to wait until next year to give er a go, unless 12th Street Rides is continuing operations til the very end. I never gave a thought to the fact that the Saturn 6 doesnt keep you upright... thats messed up, to say the least... and yes... PURE Coney Island...
Horizons12 on 9/11/2007 9:40:15 PM said:
While browsing around the Coney Island message board, I remember seeing someone say that Denos and 12th Street Amusements will be open in the weeks after Astroland closes. Denos remains open into October but Im not sure about 12th Street. Do you know if those boardwalk shops will remain open along with Denos as well?
Canobie Coaster on 9/11/2007 9:56:36 PM said:
Saturn 6 certainly sounds interesting. Seems like you get a bit queesy like I did after I rode a Hurricane at a local carnival a few years ago. I wasnt bothered by Knoebels Downdraft however.
Horizons12 on 9/12/2007 12:19:10 PM said:
I remember when I used to be able to chain rides together on a Hurricane! Now Im lucky to make it through one cycle it seems. Hurricane type rides arent on my "rides blacklist" yet however; rides on that list include any Swinging Ship ride and the Ring of Fire.
adriahna on 9/12/2007 9:14:41 PM said:
Sadly, the boardwalk shops are basically totally in the dark for the most part, as to whether they will be able to stay open next year or not. However, I wouldnt be shocked if they stuck around for another couple of weeks this year, to clear up shop. I was at the Souvenir place next to Rubys, buying the last of many Steeplechase shirts I have from them, and asked them if they will be around in 2008 - they just shrugged, and said, "Nobody knows"...
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