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 Review of Kentucky Rumbler @ Beech Bend
2 Rating Posted by: hrrytraver on 7/14/2007 10:32:00 AM
i had a lot of fun with this thing. its impossible to dislike a ride like this - its got more heart stuffed into its dense little frame than id think GCI would ever do after riding ROAR and LR. but more than anything it gave me hope in the future of the modern compact twister layout. at the top of my coaster fantasy list (a long enough list) is this vision, a simple dream- one morning a designer from GCI is going to wake up with a wild hair, put his undershorts on backwards, get into his car through the trunk, and use the left turn signal for every right turn he makes on the way to work. THEN, hes going to eat a whole tin of altoids, make himself a cup of coffee the consistency of roofing tar, sharpen all his pencils with his teeth, boot up his computer using a hand-cranked AC generator he had been keeping in the basement for the apocalypse, and design the perfect, devil-may-care, raunchy, tight, clautrophobic, fast, MFing twister woody to top all twister woodies. i may be a dreamer, but i think its possible...KY rumbler is not this ride, but its the sweetest GCI ive been on since wildcat, and its a much better overall ride and design than wildcat, though not nearly the intensity. after disappointing rides on a few modern twisters ive kinda felt that perhaps the genre was best left to the hand-drawn old timers who made them fast and sick because they didnt have a computer talking over their shoulder like HAL from 2001 - "Hello sir, that transition you just designed will be a very uncomfortable combination of laterl G forces and negative G forces. Please change it immediately or this program will do a forced quit." frankly, the relatively low speeds of a compact twister need to capitalize on STRONG forces, and a generous variety of those STRONG forces or else they will be dull. a great small wood coaster should also capitalize on its own structure to create illusions of dangerous speed and pending doom. throw in a little vibratory energy to create an uneasy mistrust in a coasters structural integrity. not quite achieving this devilish lunacy, GCI and KYrumbler still win out because, while not very intense per se, this coasters certainly got speed, tons of energy, a little bit of noisy track "rumble", nice lats, a few surprises, and even a healthy bit of serious floating airtime (yo, what took you so long GCI!). the first drop, with the wicked speedy turnaround into the strange, mangled dip is a gorgeous floater air event complete with a death defying head chopper. that drop gets this ride off to a righteous start. everyone knows that GCI is the master of the layout and this coaster is no different. its a hell of a design, bent, beautiful and all gorgeous timber 100%! the trains look great, like a cross between an antique fire truck and a millipede, diving and scrambling around the convoluted course. when i first saw the coaster from my car, after driving down a road that looked like someones driveway, it hovered over the horizon like a wooden emerald city which should have had "surrender hrry" hanging over it in the sky. the coaster is an escher-like impossibility in that setting, surrounded by green hills and farms. i enjoyed the ride immensely from my first ride, and i had about 9 rides total, in various seats. but something happened that killed my buzz for KYrumbler. i went up the road later in the day and got on the raven at HW. for airtime and intensity, raven stuck it to me and put the little rumbler into clearer view. small woodens can be far more intense than what GCI seems to be willing to show us. fast, fun, and packed with eventful elements these GCI twisters, but just not "whoa, holy sh*t!" on the brake run. come on GCI dudes, one of ya, cut loose and give me a mind blower...please!

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Timberman on 7/14/2007 10:58:09 AM said:
"it hovered over the horizon like a wooden emerald city which should have had surrender hrry hanging over it in the sky. the coaster is an escher-like impossibility in that setting, surrounded by green hills and farms."

Very well put. I too look forward to the day that someone at GCI goes loco on us.

ginzo on 7/14/2007 12:57:24 PM said:
Im hoping to hit Ozark Wildcat later this Summer, which might prove to be a little bit more forceful than Rumbler or Thunderhead. That, of course, is a bit of a drive for you AARP members from the East. But, apparently a lot of your elderly cohorts like the locale.

I still maintain that Rumbler is the best coaster in Kentucky, which admittedly isnt much of a feat.

People seem to like Renegade and Troy a lot. I operate under the assumption that GCIs will just get better and better. Though maybe not.

I find this review here mildly ironic in that hes putting a mild diss on the twister genre, while he derives his username from the master builder of insane twisters. Yeah, I know qualifies it with a blurb about the older designs, but still I thought youd have more of an instinctual affinity for twisters. I mean lets face it- GCI gives us the closest thing in looks to the Crystal Beach Cyclone that were ever going to get. I agree with Timbers that GCIs do look better than they run, but they do deliver more than looks IMO.

hrrytraver on 7/15/2007 9:23:21 AM said:
^sure, i think GCI will keep getting better too.

regarding twisters - so far all of the modern twisters ive been on lack air and have wierd slow down spots, but this one is the best of the lot...SO FAR. i think that the HW woodies and boulder dash have many "twister" elements such as swooping drops, crazy banking etc but they arent lumped in w/ twisters because they are sprawled out across varying terrain, unlike the flat midway-type traver or fred church rides. those above-mentioned four coasters i prefer to any GCIs...so far.

regarding "irony" ----- after watching vids of the CBcyclone, i think its safe to say it was far gnarlier than what is allowable in the litigation age we live. my favorite all time coaster is the coney island cyclone, because the engineering is seriously gnarly. im frankly amazed that thing still runs considering how bizarre a ride it still gives. my personal affinity is with primitive aesthetics, so the log-in name evoked for me primitive, but very fertile imagination. nothing in any of my reviews, top ten, or message board posts suggest the log-in name is intended as a dogma.

BobFunland on 7/15/2007 2:13:44 PM said:
"come on GCI dudes, one of ya, cut loose and give me a mind blower...please!"

You should have ventured a little further south I still think it (Thunderhead) is the best GCI as far as keeping its pace, it simply doesnt let up.
hrrytraver on 7/15/2007 4:17:17 PM said:
^yeah, i trust you on that.

im psyched that you and lawrence alligator got a few spins on troy. talk about traver appearances, that first drop seriously looks like harrys triplets drop.

Timberman on 7/15/2007 5:22:21 PM said:
^^Ill soon be heading down to the Land of the Ample-Chested-One to experience Thunderhead myself and sort this business out once and for all. If, Heaven forfend, I find it wanting, I may head even further south and like Sherman go on a Ram-Ram-Ram-RAMPAGE. Woo howdy.
larrygator on 7/15/2007 7:06:08 PM said:
Tom - dont hold out a lot of hope for massive negative gs from GCI. That is not their game and never will be.

Troy was good, but like Joe: I prefer The Thunderhead. I still need to experience the goodness of the Ozark Wildcat.
weaver23 on 7/15/2007 8:18:28 PM said:
Gcis have odd seats dont they?
ginzo on 7/15/2007 9:52:12 PM said:
Im going to get the OzCat credit Labor Day weekend, if my boss gets around to replacing the guy we just lost. Being short staffed really blows.

I rode Thunderhead last year, and thought it was a little bit funky. However, when I rode it this year on my Mystery Mine trip, I got an excellent ride on it. The manic pace, twists, and little airtime pops were all great. Id call it a 9/10.
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