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 Review of Titan @ Six Flags Over Texas
1 Rating Posted by: NewEngland on 7/1/2007 5:22:00 PM
Titan was the first non-kiddie coaster I rode. It was quite a big step-up from riding Poison Ivys Twisted Train at SFNE. I was pretty much forced to ride it by my friend, and I was really nervous because I had never ridden anything so big or so fast. As the train made its way up the lift hill, I tried to keep my eyes forward and not look to the side of me, but I did and ended up realizing I was towering over 250 feet above Arlington. I started getting really scared and before I knew it we were at the top, slowly inching our way over the peak of the hill. A few seconds later I saw nothing but the ground, and we were speeding down into a 10 foot tunnel. The rest of the ride was a blast, and since then Ive ridden the Titan at least 10 times. Titan is my favorite roller coaster, and one of the rides I have to get on each time I go to the park.
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