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 Review of Curse of DarKastle @ Busch Gardens Williamsburg
3 Rating Posted by: coasterf42 on 6/23/2007 9:19:00 AM
Since I dont get to go to BGE a lot, DarKastle was the one non-coaster ride I HAD to do in 2007. And since it cost about 8 times as much as any other thrill ride Ive done, I had high expectations. DarKastle was very fun, but I must admit a little weird and maybe just a bit too over-the-top! It is clear that rides like this arent just for thrill, but also for the story, so thus it’s kind of like a movie as well. This ride’s story seemed just all over the place. Wolves, death, castles, water, etc., it was all literally just thrown at you! It was impossible to follow for a first time rider, and I could only imagine what someone with no knowledge of the ride at all would make of it. The themeing overall is very well done, and very well kept. The castle looks great from outside, as does the entrance, the outdoor queue, the many wolf statues, the inside glowing windows, etc. It all just looks incredible, easily the best queue in the park. The vehicles look pretty sweet too. The ride is pretty good, but it was surprising that it was basically all electronic-no “real” scenery on the ride at all. It felt like 10 movie screens that the sleigh traveled around to. The 3d effects were really well done, and effective at enhancing the scare-factor a whole lot. I kind of felt the ride was a tease, however. It kept on saying stuff like, "your gonna die, just wait till later, your gonna be terrified, etc." Nothing really happened accept for a bit of crazy spinning and a spray of water. I also remember the many DarKastle ads talking about high speed moments, and it seemed like the vehicle started to go fast in parts, but never really got going. I kind of felt like I was on an extremely advanced 3d movie while on DarKastle. I think that I actually get more of a thrill factor in the stationary theater with the moving seats than I did on DarKastle. However, DarKastle is a very fun and innovative ride with a completely wacky story. It may be a bit too scary for some kids, but is one of the coolest non-coaster rides I have ever been on at an amusement park.
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