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 Review of Sooperdooperlooper @ Hersheypark
0 Rating Posted by: coasterf42 on 6/8/2007 4:59:00 PM
I was really excited to ride my first full-circuit Schwarzkopf, and it didnt disappoint! To start with, the lift began almost immediately when the train left the station, which I like, because it is a no-nonsense type deal and improves waiting time. I mentioned that because a few of the other coasters at Hershey did that and I really dont like all the BS meandering that some coasters do before the ride "begins." Okay, now to the fun stuff: Schwarzkopf loops are officially awesomeness in a jar! Man, there is no other loop I have been on that compares to Schwarzkopf-engineered ones! The upper body freedom is great, due to no shoulder harness, the positive Gs are simply amazing from base to top, and its so darn smooth and enjoyable. The rest of the ride is pretty meh to be truthful. It slows down a lot in the middle, then speeds up after a drop right AFTER a trim break. I could only imagine the speed of that drop without the trim. After that drop, the track goes low to the ground with a lot of speed and very good smoothness. The ride is very fun, but simply has a sleep-educing middle! I cant wait to ride some of Shwarzkopfs other rides like Laser, Shockwave, and Mindbender so I can finally find an untrimmed, classic, double looping masterpiece! Sooperdooperlooper, however is a very well landscaped and extremely reridable classic coaster.

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Petman1325 on 12/16/2007 1:44:51 PM said:
You had a first on that ride, and so did I! I was 6 or 7 and I saw it after walking down a 50ยบ angle of a path. I saw it, and my eyes glowed. It was my first ride with an interversion. I got a T-shirt as a souvineer. I wanted to go on it multiple times, but there was more to see and do.
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