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 Review of El Dorado Auto Skooters @ Coney Island Rides
2 Rating Posted by: Horizons12 on 4/2/2007 10:49:00 PM
In any normal park these Bumper Cars would have gotten a 6 or 7. They were really just the standard run of the mill bumper cars that dont hit too hard but arent tame either. Of course these arent installed at any normal park, these are actually located on the ground floor of a building right on the street. Its also the funkiest bumper car ride youll ever be on...more on that later. Large yellow signs proclaim the El Dorados presence along with the rides motto "Bump Your Ass Off!" with an arrow pointing to a drawn donkey. $5 gets you a half-dollar sized token used as admission inside. While waiting to get on, you get to watch other riders duke it out with their cars through a caged wall piece. Once aboard its up to you if you want to ride with or without the restraints. The car responded perfectly to all of my steering and backing up maneuvers which is a big plus since I hate getting stuck due to messed up steering. The spaces around the turns seem to be a big tie up spot on this ride; luckily I always missed being caught in it and would roll around picking up a full head of steam before ploughing into unsuspecting riders. Ride ops also tend to jump onto the cars and ride around with people that may be having trouble with the steering; a site indeed. Now I mentioned that these bumper cars are the funkiest youll ever be on because Its like riding bumper cars in a cheap undeground club complete with DJ and loud music. Multicolored lights cover the walls along with strobes and those spinning multicolored light devices. The music thumps and the riders bump; I cant imagine this anywhere else than in Coney Island.

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hrrytraver on 4/3/2007 10:28:44 AM said:
yo. good one.
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