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 Review of Voyage @ Holiday World
0 Rating Posted by: Ride6 on 3/4/2007 3:47:00 AM
Astonishing ride and my #2 wooden coaster (behind only Cornball Express). Massively intense, though I (nor the remainder of my family) didnt find it at all rough. "floater" airtime is in abudence here, sadly ejection is nowhere to be found. On the positive side the forces are just insane, the tunnels provide plenty of "head choppers" while relieving one from the heat of the sun, and the overall experence comepletely mind altering. I rode it 8 times in a day, you can bet I slept well that night.

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RCGenius on 3/4/2007 5:54:06 AM said:
Nice review. Voyages definitely another world-class coaster at Holiday World. I read your two other reviews of Legend & Raven & Im sorry that you didnt think either of those rides were good enough to live up the hype. I guess weve all got different opinions of them. Im dying to go to Holiday World & someday, Ill make my dream come true. Anyway, the layout looks extraordinary with all of those hills & tunnels. I thought that there would be ejector air, but many doses of floater airs just fine with me.
ginzo on 3/4/2007 10:59:15 PM said:
I agree that the Voyage has only floater air, no ejector air. To me this is a bit of a shame, but the ride can still rock. The riding experience, unfortunately, varies a bit. Ive had mind blowing rides, but also some lackluster ones. Im excited to find out if the retracking they did improves the ride. You should get up to the Dells and check out Avalanche and Hades.
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