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 Review of Shockwave @ Kings Dominion
1 Rating Posted by: Canobie Coaster on 10/22/2006 6:00:00 PM
I was shocked at how much I enjoyed Shockwave after many people wrote negative reviews for this Togo stand-up coaster. Located in the Grove section of the park in the center of Paramount Kings Dominion, Shockwave is the first stand-up coaster I have ever been on. With some trees next to Shockwave, it mainly has a sky blue paint job with some sections of the track painted in many different colors. From off the ride, the first drop and loop looked fun. Shockwave had a 15 minute wait when I visited Paramount Kings Dominion because of very slow loading and unloading times thanks to the wierd restraints. The orange trains had blue headrests and yellow chest and shoulder restraints along with a lap bar. During the ride, you can straddle the seat and stand up or sit down. The restraints were very wierd, but I didnt find them uncomfortable. Beginning Shockwave was a slow climb up a 95ft tall lift hill, followed by a U-turn to the right. Then Shockwaves train zooms down the 90ft first drop which provides some excellent air-time for back-seat riders. Following that is a vertical loop that creates some strong Gs followed by a large hill giving front seat riders some air-time. Then Shockwaves train travels through an intense helix creating some powerful Gs, followed by a bunny hill giving some more air-time, followed by a turn-around hill giving front-seat riders more air-time. I did find this turnaround to be somewhat rough, but other than that I found Shockwave to be pretty smooth. Then the train travels down a small dip giving back-seat riders more air-time, followed by 2 more bunny hills providing air-time. Finally, Shockwaves train flies up a small hill again giving front seat riders some air-time before hitting the brake run, ending the ride. Overall, a fun and unique coaster that was much better than I had expected. Maybe I was one of the few people who enjoyed this Togo stand-up, but anyone who hasnt tried a Togo stand-up coaster should give it a shot.
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