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 Review of Two-Face The Flip Side @ Six Flags America
3 Rating Posted by: Timberman on 9/28/2006 10:45:00 PM
Along with crossovers and directional changes, another feature I believe gets somewhat over-emphasized in roller coaster reviews is "rerideability." I mean, I understand that if you travel a long distance specifically to experience a certain ride, you may well want to experience it more than once. Thats perfectly reasonable. However, as enthusiasts, we tend to overlook the fact that many park-goers are perfectly happy to ride something once or twice and then move on to something else. Thats also perfectly reasonable. Rerideability to some degree limits what you can do with a ride, which is why I respect those rare coasters whose intensity is such that you can get your fill in one ride, even over a relatively short course. Vekoma shuttle coasters, for me, fit this description.

One of these days Im finally going to figure out that I should not attempt back-to-back rides on these things. I tried that with Two-Face: the Flip Side, and I was out of commission for a good 20 minutes after ride two. I then went to S:ROS, which broke down for the rest of the day just as I was preparing to board. In any event, Two-Face is a very fun ride. The hills feel faster and steeper than they look, and the loop is very tight and taken at high speed. The negative Gs on the backwards trip are no joke; they take a toll on me like no other roller coaster. At the same time, the suspended version of this familiar layout seems to offer less of the dreaded Boomerang ear-boxing. Finally, getting to watch the person across from you really does enhance the experience. It adds a communal aspect to the proceedings that you just dont get looking at the back of a trainful of heads.

Two-Face: the Flip Slide handed my ass to me and sent me away bent over and reeling after two quick trips. Short, brutal, and business-like in a way that reminds me of the old Intamin Freefalls, its a good way to get your ticket punched but not a ride over which most will want to linger.

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CoastrGlxy on 2/8/2007 10:41:36 AM said:
Great review!
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