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 Review of Wild Cat @ Hersheypark
2 Rating Posted by: Animan1 on 9/8/2006 12:54:00 PM
Wild Cat is one of those coasters that suffers from simply not riding well. I attribute much of this to the PTC trains, and believe that this coaster would be significantly better with the GCI Flyer trains.

As it is currently, the Wild Cat is definitely wild. The drop, as others have said, is deceptively intense and fast for its size, and provides the ride with a great start. However, on that drop, and therefore right from the get-go, the coaster suffers from excessive amounts of roughness. Generally, I dont mind if a wooden coaster is rough so long as it is controlled, as is the case with the Cyclone, the American Eagle, and others. Here, however, the ride pays no heed to the fact that it is beating the hell out of you, and continues to push blindly along with no intent of letting up. Indeed, the coaster is actually really cool, as it increases in speed and intensity significantly as the ride goes on, so that by the end, you are really smokin. But theres that blasted roughness again, which predictably increases accordingly. I had to put my hands down before the end so as not to crush my sister sitting next to me and also limit the violent shaking that felt to be going on inside my body.

I truly believe this coaster would benefit from a train switch, and if that does indeed ever happen...watch out for this one. It could be as good or better than when it opened, which by all accounts would be an amazing experience.

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hrrytraver on 9/8/2006 2:24:48 PM said:
i love this coaster, and this review is demonstrative of why i love it.even people who are turned off by the roughness admit that it is a brilliant design. just read the reviews. most if not all of the low(er) scores describe the "out of control" feel and airtime and speed. for my own tastes, the roughness is just a bit of bonus "kinetic excitement" on top of the Gs and speed. for the record, i dont agree with the accusation that the trains are at fault. many GCIs and CCIs that are more than a few years old have gotten pretty bumpy. i think that in spite of very sophisticated layouts and design concepts, the modern woodies lack a certain "they dont buildm like they used to" durability. i dont profess to be an expert engineer or carpenter, but older schmecks and allens seem to track better then the fancier 90s and 00s woodies (beyond the first season or two). maybe its the "twister-ness" of the moderns, but i think its safe to say that the old guys put more love and know-how into their structures. for instance, my house which was built in 1920 is a fortress compared to todays pricier and showier "mcmansions".
Animan1 on 9/8/2006 5:30:50 PM said:
Nicely said, traver, as always. You are the kind of person that I love to listen to, even if I disagree, simply because of the way you put things. Anyway, I would agree that the durability of construction had probably decreased from the "old days" - the Cyclone was smoother than Wild Cat, as is the American Eagle as SFGAm. I just hope that Lightning Racer and some of the other GCI woodies that are known for being very smooth dont age quite so harshly. Although then again, some people, such as yourself, really like that extremely rough-n-tumble experience. To each is own!
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