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 Review of Superman Ride of Steel @ Six Flags America
2 Rating Posted by: BobFunland on 9/8/2006 12:38:00 PM
Once I figured out where this would rank with me (#15 for steel) I pretty much have to give it a nine since there are probablyh 20 other coasters that I have given a 9 to that are below this. However, I couldnt help but be disappointed with the ride. For the past several years, it has ranked in the top 10 of nearly every poll, and was nearly-universally accepted as better than its predecessor at Darien Lake, a coaster which I really liked. I disagree with the masses. The ride I got on this ROS was comprable to the rides I got on Darien Lakes in 2004 - however, when I visited Darien Lake last year, it was running much better than it had the year before and compared to what I rode two weeks ago. The line wasnt bad but I was sad to see the back car closed. I still rode in the second to last car and off we went. The valleys of the ride have become rilled with that Intamin rattle, but I at least hoped for the best when cresting the hills. Well.. as you can probably guess, I was let down. Not even the fantastic third hill did much for me, nor did the s-shaped bunny hop, both of which rank among my favorite hills anywhere (at least on the Darien Lake model). The helixes seemed long and boring (again much like DL in 04, wheras last year it was bookin through them) and the final series of bunny hops continued to do little for me. I came into the station disappointed, wondering why is had let me down. Maybe Im just crazy, but this solidified my preference to B&M hypers over Intamin ones, and that Id rather ride Silver Star than GeForce right now.

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hrrytraver on 9/8/2006 2:35:45 PM said:
good review bobfunl, and even though i scored this lower than you did, it sounds like i liked it more (ratings are funny things). interestingly, i think i fall into the "intamin" hyper camp. id take a ride on this one or MF over nitro given a choice. i dont have any real solid talking points why that is, but, i find the intamin trains and the overall ride more "nimble", whereas B&M seems "pushy". LOL subjectivity man, its wild!
praxis on 9/8/2006 3:55:13 PM said:
This has been rated in the top 10? Are you sure it wasnt the (noticeably better) one at SFNE?
larrygator on 9/8/2006 4:05:48 PM said:
BFL is correct these are the Top10 from Mitchs poll, considered the most respected in the industry

1tSuperman - Ride of St SF New England

1tExpedition GeForce Holiday Park
3 Millennium Force Cedar Point
4 Nemesis Alton Towers
5 Katun Mirabilandia
6 Nitro Six Flags Great Ad
7 Pyrenees Parque EspaNa
8 Montu Busch Gardens Tamp
9 Superman - Ride of St Six Flags America
10 SheiKra Busch Gardens Tamp
Hercules on 9/8/2006 4:31:50 PM said:
It was actually ranked number 3 a couple years ago right behind Expedition GeForce and the SFNE Ride of Steel.
CoastrGlxy on 9/19/2006 5:00:25 PM said:
I cant imagine why. I live near this park and while the ride is fun its not really anything to write home about. At least Darien Lakes S:ROS is partly over a lake.
coasterf42 on 9/16/2008 2:30:38 PM said:
LOL, I'..ve guess you'..ve ridden GeForce now, but do you still stand by your last statement in this review?!
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