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 Review of Great White, The @ Moreys Piers
1 Rating Posted by: BobFunland on 9/7/2006 3:39:00 PM
grrr.. this is my second time writing this after my browser took a dump. Moving on... this ride embodies what CCI will live on as. Coming up to the ride at night, I didnt mind the ugly heap of steel supports as they do light up well. Continuing up the station, I was struck by the staffing - 7 or 8 Soviet men and [wo?]men were lined up on the platform, as they expedited the loading process to keep guests moving. Moreys really does excel in that area. Upon boarding, I was pleased to see PTCs rather than the Gerstlauers that we all know and love. The tunnel was a true suprise to me, I suppose I have not spent enough time on coaster sites to see photos of the ride. Up we went into the dark, and the ensuing ride was classic CCI. There was some solid airtime throughout the ride, and the layout was unique in that good way. Also following protocol, this ride is hampered by what can only be desribed as ferocious agression. The ride has really deteriorated and I cant help but think Moreys would hold principal responsability in the matter. In the same week we pay homage to the great croc hunter, I find it fitting that I do the same to the beast at the end of the pier... the Great White. Heres to you, Great White, Im sure at one point you were a kickass ride that has gone down the desolate path to mediocrity that so many CCIs before you have taken.
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