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 Review of Batwing @ Six Flags America
1 Rating Posted by: coasterf42 on 7/26/2006 11:54:00 AM
Bat Wing was my most anticipated coaster while heading back to Six Flags America for the first time in three years yesterday. It was the only coaster at SFA that I didnt hit the last time I went, only because it was closed down all day. And unfortunitely yesterday, it was closed down about half the day and when it was open, the line moved so slow it was really a pain just standing there shaking my head at the opps. I guess this is what happens when you put Vekoma and SFA together. The other reason I wanted a few more rides on it because really the main thing I thought of it (and my ride partners for that matter) after my first and only ride was, "That was wierd!" I must say, the coaster certainly has its moments, but all in all it is a very wierd ride. It starts off with the restraints. They look very soft and flimsy and go basically all the way from your shoulders to your belt it seemed. They were actually comfortable. Then you go up the lift on your back which is wierd as well. You get pretty nice speed heading down the drop and then I was "flying" for the first time, which was a pretty cool position. Unfortunitely that speed would soon fizzle out to basically nothing, and that poor pacing is my main complaint of the ride. You then fly at a pretty good speed for a while, and then, what I believe was the best part of the ride happened. At the base of the loop I got some very strong Gs and of corse they were unique, because Ive never felt the Gs flying before. It seemed then that the ride got very slow, although I did like the complete heartline roll, as I like most. However the numerous "half rolls" werent all that great. Out of all the banked turns on the ride, none of them really stood out to me, so I didnt mention any. During the helix towards the end of the course, the train did pick up some welcomed speed towards the bottom of it. Then you got flipped on your back and layed there helplessly until the sub-par SFA ride opps undid your restraints.

So as much as I would have liked to ride Bat again, I do know that it is a good, unique coaster, and it certainly has its moments (first flying part and base of the loop to name a few) but as of right now, I didnt quite get enough of a buzz for it to be one of my favorites.
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