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 Review of Hurler @ Kings Dominion
0 Rating Posted by: coasterf42 on 7/5/2006 5:58:00 PM
I will currently give Hurler a 4 because I think its the worst wooden at PKD. Ive never been to PKD as an enthusiest (but many times as a "regular" guest) so I really cant give you a good description, (Gs, headchoppers, turns, pain, etc.) but I do remember that Hurler isnt a bad coaster, but it deffinitely isnt a good one either.

EDIT: Man was I wrong about Hurler. On Saturday at PKD I got BY FAR THE BEST wooden coaster rides at PKD on Hurler. I believe that the 2006 retracking must have helped this ride leaps and bounds, because I got a very nice ride with some insane laterals and some very good airtime on ALL the hops. No, there was not a whole lot of air on any hop, but wow, was it nice to have a whole ride filled with airtime. The first drop even has a little air, mixed with some good positive Gs on the base of the drop. I remember Hurler being very rough last time, but on Saturday the only rough part was the second to last turn around, but even that was alright. The first turn is banked, but by no means are the lateral Gs hurt by it because when I tried to leave my hands in the air on that turn, half of my body shifted from the right seat to the left seat! That moment totally made my day. This ride looks a lot like Thunder Run at SFKK, which I rode a couple weeks ago, and this isnt quite as good. The airtime over the first half of TR is a lot better, but the thing about Hurler is it has air over the whole ride. I found it totally re-ridable, even in the back seat, and I got 4 rides in a row on Hurler Saturday. The ride also has some theme left over (specifically in the station) even though most has been removed. Still its well-themed for a wooden.

So anyway, I dont know what I was thinking giving this a 4, maybe this ride has gotten better or I have just changed my mind. Whatever the reason Hurler seems to be a good ride now.
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