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 Review of Ripleys Haunted Adventure @ Myrtle Beach Attractions
0 Rating Posted by: biosciking on 6/2/2006 6:19:00 PM
Both Ripleys Haunted Adventure and the Nightmare Haunted House down the street were exceptional haunted houses, and Id be hardpressed to pick the better of the two. This one starts by taking you up to the third floor in a rickety elevator before meeting some zombie in a coffin room. It is incredibly dark and he warns that this is one of the lightest rooms in the house. He also instructs you not to touch anything--youll get two warnings and then youre done for. You then set out alone to make your way through, and it really is unbelievably dark. For a good majority of the time it is pitch black, and you just have to inch your way along so as to know where to go next. The dark alone causes enough dread, but live and mechanical (mostly live) spooks pop out at you and chase you down, making it even scarier and better. You work your way down to the second, and then the first floor, and there are neat tricks set up to make you touch things and get two strikes. I wish the storyline would have followed through until the very end, as we should have got a strike three and then been chased out of the building. Alas, that didnt happen, but I cant knock this experience. They did an excellent job of making it feel like more than just something fun you walk through for a few minutes. It was a real nightmare where you had to work to get out, or else. It had a very long duration and there were never any other groups that you encountered along the way. This is how haunted houses are supposed to be done!
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