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 Review of Goliath @ Six Flags Over Georgia
1 Rating Posted by: bunkleg on 4/6/2006 11:50:00 PM
My anticipation for Goliath was builiding up since November, when I heard about it. I definitely was not dissapointed. I rode Goliath 14 times in one day, I say thats pretty good. I got in early for ERT and went straight to the back. Once I was going up the lift hill, I was kinda scared because of how steep it was. Right after the first drop, I knew this ride would hit my top ten. Then comes the second airtime hill, and the biggest drop. Very nice airtime. Then the banked turn, then the third hill. A lot of air on the third hill. Next is the helix. At the top of the helix, there is a lot of floater air! Then the intense 540 degree helix. Nice headchopper effects with the supports. Before the next hill, comes the trim brakes. Theyre really not that bad. You get the most air on the next hill, IMO. Its more ejector than floater on this hill. Next is the horseshoe. It is amazing if youre sitting on the right side. After this is the three bunny hops which pack a lot of air, and you fly over hundreds of people. Then, the final turn and hill, which suprsingly aslo has a lot of air. The bottom of first two hills is a little rough, but its nothing to cry about. The ending is a really rough, so you better hold on. The front is best because of the view, but if you want the best airtime seat, I say go for the fourth row. The back has a lot of air on the first and second drop, but I didnt find it to have too much on any other hills. If you let the ride attendent push your lap bar down, you will get a very small amount of air. I had to hold my knees up so they wouldnt push it down so much so I could get a lot of air. I really dont get the theming. What does the 50s have to do with its slogan, "A Giant Among Coasters"? Great ride though. Definitely the best ride in the park.

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weaver23 on 5/17/2007 4:24:14 PM said:
woah 14 times!!!!
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