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 Review of Titan @ Six Flags Over Texas
1 Rating Posted by: ew1075 on 3/2/2006 11:54:00 AM
Awesome coaster. Ive ridden it multiple times and have never come close to blacking out.

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mrceagle on 3/3/2006 12:50:11 AM said:
i think that blackign otu thing is a bit of a mith. who knows. there are soft peopel out ther I gues that cant take the Gs. anywys welcome to the site.
coasterf42 on 3/4/2006 3:35:47 PM said:
Yes, I agree. If you are a soft person, I dont even think that you should ride a coaster with a 255 first drop. I hope to ride this thing when I go to SFOT again this summer. It has a low rating for a hyper coaster, but looks awsome.
mrceagle on 3/5/2006 1:31:36 PM said:
Well looking back on the ratings the low ratign seems mosly to be because of two people thta cave gave the ride a 2. one complained it has too many turns and th other just complained. Get rid of those two 2s and the lowist ratign ais a 7 as far as I saw. what would completly change the number.
Scott on 3/5/2006 5:20:07 PM said:
I blacked out on goliath... Im not a soft person.
mrceagle on 3/6/2006 12:20:48 AM said:
Whats the max Gs on this 5.5? somthing around that. Ive been on a ride that dose that for more then a minute straight.
coasterf42 on 3/6/2006 8:38:30 PM said:
^Whats that supposed to mean?

What is a "high G" number for a coaster??
BobFunland on 3/6/2006 10:12:49 PM said:
Anything above 4 Gs is pretty high. Goliath pulls 4.5 Gs and Id like to see what ride MRC was on that pulled 5.5 Gs for over a minute.

Also, there are differences. A flat ride pulling high Gs isnt as bad as a roller coaster since they generally "power up" and the body has time to get used to the pressure changes whereas on a roller coaster like Goliath, the change is much more rapid and the body is more susceptible to blacking out.
mrceagle on 3/7/2006 11:29:29 AM said:
As far as rides. Turkish Twist spins at 33rpms and pulls 5.5 Gs acordign to the paper work. I road that ride for a triple run with no slow down. The managers though I couldnt do it. and since there was no on ethat dy trying to get on I road it for 30 minutes of time with only 5 stops. As far as coaster with a comperable G force. Notros Helex, SROSs two Helexes, The loops on Mind bender (sfog).
coasterf42 on 3/8/2006 2:41:04 PM said:
Do you mean the Darien Lake and America SROS or the New England one?
Scott on 3/8/2006 5:46:50 PM said:
Have you been on titan or goliath?? probably not. The helix on nitro is in no way comparable to the one on goliath.
mrceagle on 3/9/2006 12:45:21 PM said:
SFNEs Superman Ride of Steel. Scott - Im not trying to say youre a wimp but more comment to the fact that while Goliath Hosts a verry intence turn many other coaster Have Manuvers that are comprable in Intensity and force.
BobFunland on 3/9/2006 2:17:37 PM said:
Ride of Steel doesnt even touch Goliath.
Scott on 3/9/2006 9:29:10 PM said:
Bob is correct. The one on superman is nothing like goliaths.
mrceagle on 3/10/2006 9:21:52 PM said:
Ill take your word for it. But blacking out has as much to do with the person as the ride.
Scott on 3/13/2006 8:24:42 PM said:
oh... ok. BTW, it was more like a grey out...
mrceagle on 3/16/2006 2:54:43 PM said:
So in other words you got light headed?
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