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 Review of Ultra Twister @ Six Flags Astroworld
1 Rating Posted by: biosciking on 10/28/2005 5:34:00 PM
Ultra Twister is a great coaster in my book. This was my favorite ride at Astroworld when I first visited many years ago, and I was eagerly anticipating riding again on my recent visit. It is so unique, and definitely the best Togo creation Ive come across. The clickety-clack trip up the lift hill is a little unnerving, and it seems very steep, even if it is just a 45-degree angle. I cant imagine what it would have felt like back when it was at a 90-degree angle. The drop itself is almost straight down. Weve seen steeper and much taller drops lately, but this one is still absolutely gut-wrenching, especially the way the car is sort of flung down it. We get a neat bunny hop before the first barrel roll. Two more barrel rolls are encountered on the backwards trip, directly below what we just did. These are excellent inversions. We execute them very quickly, but it does sort of seem as though it is somewhat in slow motion, as you can see the world spinning around you and you can feel yourself lift off of your seat while upside down each time. What an awesome sensation. I think the individual cars and the rings that surround the entire track add two more unique aspects to the ride. Heres an idea: When Astroworld closes, how about sending Ultra Twister to Six Flags Magic Mountain? It could take the place of Flashback, as both of them take up a comparable amount of area. This would put poor Flashback out of its misery and keep Ultra Twister close to me all the time!
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