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 Review of Canyon Blaster @ Circus Circus Hotel Casino
1 Rating Posted by: jdale on 10/28/2005 5:11:00 PM
Now that I took another trip to Vegas, heres an even better review than my previous one. This ride is actually a 9.5 IMO. You dont always need to have a big coaster to have an excellent one.
Those Arrow trains are very comfortable, if you dont worry about the restraints. On this one, theres no room to raise your arms, but that would just give us more headbanging. The back seat on this ride is the place to sit. In the back, people get some intense airtime on the first drop because they get pulled down the drop. The first loops are nice, but while going through the turn between the corkscrews and loops, I got some headbanging. There was a bit more in the corkscrews. The unique helix through the mountain was also a bit rough, but still fun. But after that, were already back in the station. No surprise. Most Arrow coasters have simple layouts like this one. I enjoyed this ride. It has some headbanging, some airtime, and a lot of fun. My favorite ride in the dome.
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