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 Review of Dive Bomber @ North Pole: Home of Santas Workshop
1 Rating Posted by: Scott on 9/1/2005 6:46:00 PM
These are fantastic flyers. Theres never a wait longer then 5 minutes, and just waiting is a real treat. It gets you excited. You see all of the cars sailing by, and snapping right in front of you! After waiting for 5 minutes, I got into tub number 4. The anticipation was killing me! This would be my first true flying scooter. I had written down adriahnas directions on how to snap a flyer (yeah, Im a loser). I was repeating them over and over again. The ride op started the moter. Ill admit that I wasnt very impressed at first. But once the moter hit full speed it happened. I got my first snap. I brought the tub up to the highest point possible, and quickly brought it down to ground level. The tub bumbed a bit, and I swear, the tub was at a complete stop! It was very cool and very freaky. The tub lurched forward again. I was getting the hang of this! I waited a couple of seconds before I tried again. This time I leaned into the car with all of my might. I got another great snap. The ride was getting crazier and crazier. The whole ride felt out of control. It was like a dream. I was flying up and down, Snapping to my hearts content. It was great. The ride op shut the engine off, and we came to a stop. I had finally ridden a good flyer. I got back in line. I rode the flyers almost 10 times that day. Every ride got better and better. These things really do feel out of control! I loved it! The ride ops were great! of them gave me tips on how to get even better snaps. I really did enjoy my day, and its worth the 2 hour trip for any enthusiast in the denver area.

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WAR2174 on 9/4/2005 3:05:23 PM said:
It is so awesome that someone else here has seen this place. I dont want to feel like a nerd talking about the place. It is such fun little park. Great review BTW. I think these could maybe give some of the best flyers around a run for their money. These are really good!
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