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 Review of Balloon Race @ The Great Escape
0 Rating Posted by: Canobie Coaster on 7/28/2005 10:07:00 AM
I’ve always enjoyed these balloon race attractions, and this one holds the distinction as being the first one I’ve ever ridden back in 2000 when I visited this great, traditional park. Located in Storyland, the attraction just really fits in well with the cheery, colorful atmosphere of the area with the beautiful, vibrantly painted balloons flying overhead. The attraction is just very well maintained, and not only that, but this never had a line at all during my visit, which was very nice since it is easily one of the park’s best flats!

As with all Zamperla models like this, you have the option of sitting either forwards or backwards. I myself personally enjoy facing backwards significantly more since it makes the attraction much more exciting and disorienting in my opinion. But anyway, compared to the other version of this I’ve been on, this one was run quite fast, leading to a great feeling of flight being attained along with some decent forces being produced during the ride. Not only is the attraction a delight, but it also is fairly long as well and it just gives a complete, satisfying ride.

The Balloon Race may not seem like its one of the park’s better attractions upon first glance, but it really is due to how well run it is. I mean, the combination of good speed and a long cycle make for one of the best balloon races I’ve been on. After riding this and Knoebels’ I just always ask, why can’t SFNE’s be this good? I mean, theirs is an identical model to this one, but SFNE just chooses to run it at half the speed and for half the time of this one. Well, I definitely recommend giving this a ride since it’s always a walk-on and surprisingly good for all ages.
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