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 Review of Saw Mill Plunge @ Lake Compounce
0 Rating Posted by: benleibo on 6/19/2005 1:42:00 PM
Sawmill Plunge is pretty much an average flume ride, but the cool setting makes me give it a 7. It goes up on the same hill as Boulder Dash and gives one of the only good views of BDs first drop. It also seemed like the current of the water was a bit quicker on this flume than others. The drop was standard and you get a bit wet but not soaked. The line didnt appear to be long but it loads pretty slowly and the ride ops were only putting two people in each log, which made the wait longer.

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mrceagle on 6/19/2005 8:20:54 PM said:
Thats a problem with an Arrow Flume the weight is everythign. it can easly botom out and there is no upstop to keep you on the track so problem can acure is the weight isnt to the front. I wish they woudl build a slightly large rversion. built by Hopkins and make it a lot longer.
praxis on 7/1/2006 10:17:47 AM said:
Kinda cute part about the rides line queue: a barn swallow nest is under the roof (right above one of the light fixtures). We saw mom feeding her chicks.
mrceagle on 7/1/2006 11:42:44 AM said:
Things liek that are always cool to see. With Thunder and Lightning added the Themigntothis ride has been greatly improved. the New Saw mill building(soon will have a water wheel) holds the T&L compreser.
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