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 Review of Gotham City Crime Wave @ Six Flags Over Georgia
-2 Rating Posted by: bunkleg on 4/9/2005 8:38:00 PM
This ride is not a very good Swing ride. The ride time is too short, and the height isnt that high. You can find better Swing rides at your county fair.

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mrceagle on 4/9/2005 11:43:18 PM said:
Youll have to explain the hight thing because I have been on many of these and they all tend to be the same hight.
bunkleg on 4/16/2005 12:43:17 AM said:
The ones at the county fair are much taller than this one.
BobFunland on 4/16/2005 1:05:03 AM said:
Probably not. There are only a couple of models out there, and they are all essentially the same except some are designed to look like they are wood carvings. If anything, the portable model may be smaller.
bunkleg on 4/16/2005 10:29:34 PM said:
Well, the one I went on at the Gwinnett County fair was taller, and had a lot longer ride duration.
BobFunland on 4/16/2005 11:29:25 PM said:
Taller? No, and I have photos if you want to compare. Longer in ride duration? Maybe, but the one at SFOG goes pretty long too 8)
In fact, I think they are the same exact model, both of which are from Zierer.
bunkleg on 4/17/2005 12:42:38 AM said:
Im telling you, it was taller. It looked completely different than this one.
BobFunland on 4/17/2005 3:27:50 PM said:
And I am telling you that photos contradict you. Of course it looked different, the Gwinett fair one was the factory-design, while Crime Wave was re-themed. Im not going to argue, though you can say what you want about the ride time because I dont think its either great nor poor.
mrceagle on 4/18/2005 6:18:54 PM said:
Most are from Ziere. Wood disign dose make a slghtly large rmodel but there are only 2 in the us and they arent at any fair. teh company dosnt make a portable modle. youll have to go to Canobie Lake or Majic Springs to see a wood design flyign swing. the zamperla modle is slightly smaller but your talking a couple feet.
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