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 Review of Legend @ Arnolds Park
2 Rating Posted by: Scott on 1/5/2005 4:11:00 PM
I havent gone on this since late 99, so my review may be a bit outdated.... After parking and walking through the park I had finally made it to the legend! I stared at the legends station hovering overhead. This roller coaster incorporates the parks entrance as well as 2 additional rides into its structure. It wraps itself completely around the park in a very odd figure 8 design. So I walked on to the legend... no need to wait here! Once on I sat in the next to last seat. Apparently the back seat is coveted among locals and is usually the first to go. As I was grabbing for my seatbelt, the lady in front of me said, "You dont have to put your seatbelt on here." I shrugged, pulled the single lap bar into position. And off we go! The first thing I noticed about the legend is the strange sound the chain makes. Is it the anti-rollbacks that make it? It sounds very much like a choir of bells. Its something you rarely hear on a coaster. At the top of the lift hill there is a sign that reads, "The point of no return" and indeed there is no stopping this baby once it takes its first twisting plunge! A fierce lateral shoved me into the side of my seat as we headed down the twisted first drop. A nice pop of airtime followed, on the second hill. The turnaround was followed by some SEVERE ejector air that sent my thighs ramming into the lap bar. That was followed by a very unusual bit of straight track, which ran at ground level for quite a long time. While straight track on most coasters would be scoffed at, but on this one it works! At ground it heightens the sensation of speed, particularly while hurtling past 2 buildings on either side. The coaster then ascends another airtime producing hill. The lady in front of me got her hand smacked by a branch! Then came the next turn... the next turn, is... scary. TOTAL EJECTION from my seat! I was screaming my head off! I mean whoa God, scream your head off ejection! This was completely unexpected... kinda like when I first hit the Kennywood jackrabbits double dips! We then went over 2 bunny hops, both which sent me airborne. The coaster then made its final turn and came to a stop in the station. Whew!..... That was not what I had expected! I had expected a fairly lame ride with not much memorable slamming. However, the Legend really delivers!!! After our first ride we sat up front. Wow the front is amazing on every hill I swore that I would be thrown into the lake. The ride ops on this were really great. In the morning theyd say things like, "Hey you, come ride the Legend. The greatest coaster youll ever ride!".... just like a bunch of carnies! They were very friendly and even had their on little fan club going in the way of several 10 year old girls. One of them in particular deliberatly let people go in front of her. NOT because she wanted the front seat, but because she wanted to talk to the op, Terry despite the fact that he never once would answer back. LOL "They wait for me after the park closes" he said. "Sometimes they get mad if I dont wave to them while their going up the lift hill." I LOVE the history behind this 78 year old machine. Love it. Im glad Arnolds park never closed, as planned... and I hope The Legend continues to thrill its riders! On my last ride of the night, as we rounded the lakefront stretch of the ride, the paddle wheel ride was skimming across the lake, and all of the many rides lights were shining on the lake. It is this image of Arnolds park that I will remember for the rest of my life...

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BobFunland on 1/13/2005 6:10:18 PM said:
Great review, really, but what on earth were you doing in Iowa??
Scott on 1/13/2005 6:34:34 PM said:
At that point my girl friend had family in Iowa. While eating dinner with them, one of the kids brought up a small theme park close by. I asked what the park was called and the family replied, "Arnolds Park!" It then dawned on me that Arnolds Park was the small park on the lake, slated to be destroyed. So the next day I headed to Arnolds park. I probably wouldnt have even bothered if I didnt know it was gonna be destroyed. Im really glad Arnolds park is still open. This is also why youll see some reviews of Adventureland pop up.
Timberman on 1/13/2005 9:48:53 PM said:
Hey, thanks for a great review of a coaster that had slipped my radar. This sounds like one worth a drive, although God knows I have no other business being in Iowa.
Cairn on 1/31/2005 10:12:18 PM said:
What a great review! Even though I have never been to this park, or Iowa for that matter...what you have typed here has placed in my mind the images of a ride that would be worth the trip out there. Thanks for the review!
Scott on 1/31/2005 11:06:32 PM said:
Thanks, I really appreciate comments like that.
coaster05 on 2/1/2005 11:51:09 AM said:
I will be in Iowa for adventureland but I dont think I can make it there.
Scott on 2/1/2005 5:49:14 PM said:
I liked arnolds park more then adventureland.
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