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 Review of Thunderhead @ Dollywood
1 Rating Posted by: Red Rascal on 12/31/2004 5:36:00 PM
Times ridden: 1 ~ Ride experience: 10 ~ Layout: 10 ~ Thrill factor: 10 ~ Airtime: 8 ~ Landscaping: 10 ~ Evaluation: Although I rode Thunderhead only once, it was probably one of the most exhilarating ride experiences Ive ever had. The ride is far from ordinary and totally unique, which made my experience even better. With a quick drop and turn out of the station, the train is sent on an out of control mission back to the station that features many highly banked curves and turns for a wooden coaster. The station fly through is taken at a fast speed which excites both the people on the ride and those waiting in line. Thunderhead, from start to finish, is an incredile sensation that will leave the riders asking for more. Even with all of the mindbending turns found on this coaster, the ride is smooth as silk. Its a ride that someone can go on with a full stomach and not get sick afterwards. Truly an amazing coaster that shouldnt be missed by those visiting Dollywood!

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coasterSS on 1/1/2005 8:57:25 PM said:
Great Review!
Red Rascal on 1/2/2005 9:39:00 AM said:
Chet on 1/2/2005 10:21:07 AM said:
Yeah, I really like this new type of review youre doing. Good work.
tacoking on 1/2/2005 4:14:54 PM said:
I am just curious, but why dont you keep a Top 10 rides?
Red Rascal on 1/2/2005 5:09:53 PM said:
Its hard for me to mix wood and steel coasters. Until theres a top 10 for both, I wont put them both on the same list. I could probably do both lists under my biography thing...
Waitj786 on 1/4/2005 4:55:02 PM said:
interesting. I wish they would do that too. Is this ride REALLY that good? i just seems like another wooden coaster, whats so special about it?
Cyclonic on 1/4/2005 8:39:50 PM said:
Yes, it is that good, and even better at night. It does little tricks and things that I have not experianced on any other coaster. It is just an amazing ride. It is a shame you only got one ride on it Red, it seems to get better each time I ride it.
coasterSS on 1/4/2005 8:46:45 PM said:
Well, Waitj786, all I can tell you is to read some of the reviews, and it is that good! Its closed until April though! I get to go for a "sneak peek" on March 26, because of season passes!
Red Rascal on 1/5/2005 10:22:59 AM said:
Cyclonic, its unfortunate, but Ill go back to DW soon to get more rides on this beast. Even with one ride under my belt, its become one of my favorite wooden coasters.
Waitj786 on 1/5/2005 11:05:33 AM said:
i guess it is that good. i wish i could get the chance to ride it, but its way to far away...oh well. The station fly by part looks crazy.
tacoking on 1/7/2005 11:07:06 PM said:
How is the station "fly-through"?
Red Rascal on 1/8/2005 12:41:28 PM said:
You can see a picture of it by going to this link:
Part of the rides layout goes through the station, so while people wait, a train flies through the station at nearly full speed. Thats why its considered a station fly through.
tacoking on 1/8/2005 6:35:52 PM said:
I know what it is. I thought it was an interesting section of the ride, so I was asking what you thought of it.
BobFunland on 1/9/2005 5:31:15 PM said:
I thought it was better as an anticipation builder, though it was a nice part of the ride too
coasterSS on 1/9/2005 10:31:35 PM said:
Has there ever been a fly-through station on any other wooden coaster?
Red Rascal on 1/10/2005 8:35:16 AM said:
Nope, I dont think its been done on any type of coaster, including steel, before Thunderhead actually.
coasterSS on 1/10/2005 8:29:01 PM said:
Well, some time in the near future I bet there will be a copy of the fly-through station!
Red Rascal on 1/12/2005 5:13:24 PM said:
I doubt it. Its kinda hard to replicate it if you think about it. The designer has to find the perfect time to use it in the layout. I dont see it happening any time soon, and thats a good thing.
coasterSS on 1/12/2005 8:39:16 PM said:
I would say Dollywood may use the idea in the new future.
Red Rascal on 1/13/2005 9:30:39 AM said:
I doubt it.
coasterSS on 1/20/2005 10:07:29 PM said:
Cyclonic on 1/21/2005 6:45:20 AM said:
Why do you say they would when they already have a coaster that does it?
coasterSS on 1/21/2005 9:08:17 AM said:
Could you imagine a floorless coaster flying bach through the station? There is talk that in the near future of Dollywood putting in a floorless coaster, but that is just a guess! I am probably wrong!
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