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 Review of Hellcat (Tsunami/J2) @ Clementon Amusement Park
1 Rating Posted by: SLFAKE on 10/14/2004 3:00:00 PM
What a wild coaster. It has a bit of an identity crisis... it cant make up its mind if it is an out and back or a twister. Great air on the first (steep) drop followed by great are on the second hill... and since it is on a curve there is some wicked lateral Gs pulling on you too. The turn around that follows is a blur that throws you into a very intense helix. Just when you think it has turned into a twister, it is onto the run back to the station with some very wild out and back style air. The fact that it is a little on the short side is made up by the fact that there is not a single wasted inch of track after the crest of the lift hill. This is a fast coaster with a very "intense ride" that some will say is "too rough". I say it is more "agressive" than rough. If Clementon does not keep up with maintenance, this could eventually becoem a rough coaster, but for now it is just "agressive."

While it is sad to see the old Jack Rabbit in its SBNO status, the bright side is that Clementon took the time and spent the money to build a great coaster in Tsunami. They could have easily taken the quick and easy way of putting in a small coaster (like a wild mouse or crazy mouse) to replace the old Jack Rabbit, but instead they made an investment that should serve the little park wisely over the next few seasons.
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