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 Review of The Beast @ Kings Island
0 Rating Posted by: B&M Fan on 9/5/2004 12:36:00 PM
This coaster was by far the most insane wooden coaster I have rode. I think because it is so long it gives the coaster another level of excitement. After the second drop the speed going into that tunnel was really awesome. I really loved the woods and I dont think their is another coaster that is built into the terrain as well as this beast.

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BobFunland on 9/5/2004 2:08:01 PM said:
The Beast is massive and plays into the trees well (so Ive heard), but Thunderhead was an awesome terrain coaster.
adriahna on 9/7/2004 10:43:48 AM said:
Great review, B&M - this will always be one of my favorites. Im glad you liked it so much - I grew up on this coaster, and am always happy to read that folks enjoy it like I do.
B&M Fan on 9/17/2004 10:19:28 PM said:
You know what, I would be lying to you if I said this coaster didnt hurt a little, and the same with the son of beast, but I am willing to take a beating to ride coasters like these.
coaster05 on 9/18/2004 12:14:29 AM said:
yep there is definately a difference between good hurt and bad hurt
MagnumMan on 9/18/2004 5:03:26 PM said:
Well, it wasnt rough for me until the "Double Helix" portion.
taylorb251 on 9/19/2004 3:39:39 PM said:
B&M you need to ride the beast at night. You will love it.
adriahna on 9/20/2004 12:13:08 PM said:
Yessir - all about the Beast at night.
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