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 Review of Great NorEaster, The @ Moreys Piers
0 Rating Posted by: larrygator on 6/28/2004 12:18:00 AM
Its amazing what they did with this invert on the end of the pier in such a small area. It intertwines with a water slide, above a lazy river and through the log flume. You can not see the next element or where you are going unless you are in the front row. The ride starts by going up the lift hill with the people rafting on the lazy river below you, towards the right is a water slide but you still go 20 feet higher, then you turn right on go down the hill with the ocean out to your left. A nice first drop and although I rode it three times I still dont remember the order of the elements and the coaster is so compact it is hard to follow if you are watching it. While standing in the station you notice the train does zip very close to the station but you dont even notice it when you are on the ride. There will be mild head banging and a good chance that your seat will be wet because the person ahead of you just came off the water slide.
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