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 Review of Thunderation @ Silver Dollar City
0 Rating Posted by: Enmy on 9/20/2003 3:05:00 PM
The surprise of the day... this mine train packed more of a punch than I was expecting. On this ride, there are actually trees close to the ride and this greatly intensifies the feeling of speed. The ride starts with a twisting drop out of the station to the right. Then takes a left turn and goes into the neatest element on this ride - the spiraling helix. I love this element. Why dont more rides have this? The helix becomes tighter and tigher than the train roars into a tunnel at the end. Out of the tunnel, the ride takes a large sweeping turn into the valley. In this part, the train seems to be flying. I was really surprised at how fast it feels like you are going during this part. The ride comes out of this turn and hits some brakes to prepare for the lift (yes the lift is towards the end of the ride). Off the lift, the train takes a slow turn to the left and then takes a steep twisting drop, again to the left. Pulling out of the drop, the train rounds a right turn and hits the final brake run. To add to this great ride, you also have the option to ride backwards which adds even more to this ride.

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sfo1 on 9/20/2003 5:56:07 PM said:
Good, in depth review.Welcome to the site.
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