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 Review of Wildfire @ Silver Dollar City
1 Rating Posted by: Enmy on 9/20/2003 2:53:00 PM
I wasnt too impressed with this ride. To begin with, I would like to say that this ride is in a beautiful part of the country and the view from the lift is amazing. However, the park must have felt some type of need to not plant any trees (despite the fact that they are everywhere else) near the ride; the closest you get to the surrounding trees is on the base of the first drop and they are still far away (too far to really make the ride better). On to the ride... I did like the straight rather than curving first drop, but on the valley of the first drop, the train seemed to virbant some. Next up is the immelman (sp?) which is the best element on the ride. Then, a big, almost forceless loop follows. A slight turn and the train goes into the cobra roll. This is another neat element on the ride and is taken at a surprisingly high speed. Now comes the part of the ride that drops the score. The train takes an overbank trun to the right. Upon exiting this turn, my head was violently slammed into the awful, hard, high-rising B&M OTSR (why do they have to make them so tall? I feel like Im being sallowed by them). It did this everytime I rode, even in different seats and cars. A fast corkscrew comes next and a ground hugging turn that pulls up into the brakes ends the ride. If it werent for the violent head-banging that left my eye hurting for about a week or 2 and the lack of any trees or really anything remotely close to the ride, this ride would probably get a 9 if not a 10.

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coasterkid on 9/21/2003 6:06:36 PM said:
The Reason that the restraints are so tall is because is B&M is smart to adabt the ride to everyone instead of making it for people under 6, causeI dont fit well in to Schwarzkopf coasters. I also think tthat is strange that you are the only person that has every had headbanging on it, I sure didnt but I have a feeling im a lot taller than you.
Enmy on 9/21/2003 6:36:18 PM said:
Well, Im about 511.
coasterkid on 9/21/2003 9:31:03 PM said:
Im 63", not a big difference, but man that is weird with you and the flatspin.
B&MRULES! on 11/16/2006 10:07:38 PM said:
im 5 feet and i dident have head banging. and so what there is no trees this is still the best b & m ride ive ever rode and the first but i did ride batman at st.louse so im not sure how you banged your head. and you must admit for sdc they did do a great job for the hills and everything. with all theos hills its hard to find a flat section to put a coaster in. how can you say you wernt impressted
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