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 Review of Mr. Freeze @ Six Flags Over Texas
-1 Rating Posted by: MagnumMan on 8/21/2003 3:55:00 PM
Mr. Freeze is a very misleading coaster, as it looks scarier than it really is. Aside from the launch, the coaster itself really isnt the "fast-paced" thrill I was hoping for. I must say, though, that the theming is excellent and taps into the "Snowy Cones" factory setup very well. The ride is a different story entirely. It is very rough for a coater with *lap bars* and the "Top Hat" is highly overrated, in my opinion. While being able to look straight down at the ground for a few seconds due to the significant amount of hangtime at the top of the inversion, the train slows down quite a bit before it reaches the top. Although the "Top Hat" is a rare treat, in Mr. Freeze, it actually slows down the pacing. The overbanked turn is rough and is also traveled through fairly slowly. Luckly, the ride comes to a nice climax when it reaches the spike and traveles almost to its peak. The backwards ride was just O.K. The whole "traveling backwards" gimmick has really has lost its original luster with me because of the fact that there is a ridiculous amount of "Boomerangs" in the world. Mr. Freeze is a little to big for its own good and, because of this, the speed is not maintained, which is supposed to be a major selling point of the ride because of the LIMs. I wish that I could like Mr. Freeze, but it just wasnt the thrill I expected.

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Chet on 10/14/2003 9:45:04 PM said:
whats a pun?
MagnumMan on 10/14/2003 10:20:04 PM said:
A pun is like a "play on words" (If thats any better). For example, I said Mr. Freeze (implying cold-ness) is "cool." Get it...but I didnt mean it in that manner. When I said cool, I meant great. Thats why people sometimes say "no pun intended". The words came out that way but it wasnt an intentional "play on words".
Chet on 10/15/2003 3:15:08 PM said:
i still dont know what a pun is...
MagnumMan on 10/17/2003 5:05:45 PM said:
MagnumMan on 11/10/2003 3:15:25 PM said:
Its not bad but it wasnt as scary as i expected. The reason why I knocked some points off is because i had really high expectations for Mr. Freeze and some of them werent satified.
Chet on 11/10/2003 4:24:35 PM said:
Horizons12 on 11/10/2003 10:18:25 PM said:
Heres an example of a pun: Jeff from coasterbuzz is a real putz.
MagnumMan on 11/11/2003 11:27:24 AM said:
How is that a pun? Now if his last name was putz or something, then it would be a pun. If you were just making a joke though, LOL.
Chet on 11/11/2003 12:23:54 PM said:
his last name IS putz! LOL
Horizons12 on 11/11/2003 11:28:19 PM said:
yeah! his last name is Putz beleive it or not!
MagnumMan on 11/12/2003 9:00:58 PM said:
coasterf42 on 3/4/2006 3:48:52 PM said:
Its funny that this nice, long review gets more bad marks than good marks. The reviw right below it, which basically just says, "Freeze kicks butt," has 4 goods and zero bads. Anyway, Im going to give this a good, because of that.
Predator on 9/23/2006 2:41:25 AM said:
Are you going with the ride is average, or is it above average? From your comments, it sounds like its more average. I really believe that a 5 is pretty pathetic while a 7 is average. Getting a 50% on a test is a horrible score!
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