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 Review of Superman: Ultimate Flight @ Six Flags Great Adventure
0 Rating Posted by: 3r1c on 7/12/2003 10:59:00 AM
Superman: Ultimate Flight seems to be a ride that you either love or hate. Whatever you think, the flying concept does bring in the crowds and intrigues people. While watching it, the train does move very slowly through the track. This lessened my expectations for the ride, and I wondered whether if I would be on the ones to hate it.

After snaking through the queue and entering the staion, as well as the train, the seats tilt up. The whole process of being lifted up into the flying position is very cool. Its unique and youll fear secure, and not the least bit scared (which takes away from the thrill just a little maybe). A quick climb up the lift and before you know it, youre encountering the first drop.

On a sit down coaster, this would be a fairly boring drop but the flying aspect makes it much, mucb etter. In the back, youll float for a bit (or maybe that was my imagination?). Never the less, after the drop comes the pretzel loop. The train climbs up then all of the sudden your whipped downwards and youll recieve some very heavy positive gs at the bottom. I must say that while they were forceful, it doesnt compare to Peppermint Twist at Water Country USA in Williamsburg but still some of the most powerful Gs on a coaster.

The rest of the ride consists of several turns. While this may not be too thrilling for some, I found it to be pretty fun and it really showed off the flying aspect. The thing was, they werent that high off the ground. IMO, I think they should be done at 50 feet to be made more effective. However, it is fun just flying close to the ground.

The next helix is week, but it rounds out the ride before the in-line twist which is a bit disorienting but doesnt produce any weightless sensation. Theres a slight bump which creates some airtime (a tiny bit) and it glides into the breaks. A fun ride which I enjoyed, but its not for everyone. If youre looking for thrills, this may not be your favorite but if youre just looking for something fun youll appreciate it.

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BobFunland on 1/21/2005 1:50:03 PM said:
Good review, I agree that the ride wouldnt be very good at all without the flying sensation, and I too get a kick out of just "gliding" close to the ground, and one the one that Ive been on, the near-misses with the queue are rather fun.
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