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 Review of Fireball @ Moreys Piers
0 Rating Posted by: cookietime on 6/16/2003 6:55:00 PM
This is not a "RING OF FIRE"!!!!! This ride is the Larson "Fire Ball" which is the 3rd version of the Larson "Superloops". Moreys pier sported the first Superloops back in the 70s and early 80s. In the late 80s Larson was bought out by Hi-Roller which made the second version of the Superloops, it was called the "Ring of Fire" which sported turbolights all the way around the ring (even under the loading platform this time). While the car was the same the rest of the ride looked a bit different, at least in terms of decoration. Then just a few years ago Larson was again in charge of the Superloops and came out with the "Fire Ball" (A lame name because it conflicts with KMGs "Fire Ball" which is a completely different ride). This version of the Loops featured a completely redesigned train however from other reviews of this ride Ive heard that the train is just as cramped inside as the old one. As for this Larson "Fire Ball" in particular I think it looks nice however it hardly replaces the German Fun House and the "Storm/Roll-Over" which stood in its place previously on Mariners Landing.

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Horizons12 on 8/14/2003 1:21:46 PM said:
Yeah the Storm was really good. It would be nice if they replaced it with a Top Spin though. That type of ride fit the pier nicely I thought.
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