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 Review of Lightning Racer @ Hersheypark
-2 Rating Posted by: 3r1c on 6/7/2003 11:19:00 AM
Lightning Racer begins with a superb first drop and awesome beginning, with arguably one of the best (and suprising) tunnels. A banked turn to the left is next, which is a nice suprise. However, after that, Lightning Racer loses its steam. There is a bunny hop which produces a bit of airtime, and a slow turnaround near the lift is followed by the dueling aspect of the ride, which is boring as the ride isnt going as fast as it was. However, there is a wicked double up at the end of the ride.

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schroom on 7/27/2003 3:15:29 PM said:
How does the dueling aspect fail?
Danny on 7/27/2003 4:11:31 PM said:
Lightning Racers wasnt open when I visited Hershey Park in 2000, but from what I saw of it then and what Ive seen of it on tv, it looks pretty cool. On tv, they made it seem like it was an amazing coaster, so if it really isnt, Id understand how it is overrated. I would also like to know how the dueling aspect failed.
SLFAKE on 7/28/2003 1:25:12 PM said:
Personally, I always ignore what I see on TV about a ride (those specials on Discovery and Travel chanel are filmed to make even a kiddie coaster look like the most thrilling thing on the planet).
Anyway... I used to think the dueling aspect is lost on LR, but then visited the park with some friends and they rode in the opposite train. When you know someone in the other train, it is a neat effect to be able to look over at them when the trains are roaring through the tunnel area (aptly nicknamed Sideswipe Alley). Ride the thing in the back for a wild ride through out and ride it in the front for some great visuals and some good air on the second hill and turn around and pretty much through out the ride.
There are also some parts of the ride where the other train roaring by takes you by surprise. Of the three dueling coasters I have been on (LR, Gwasi, Dueling Dragons), the dueling on LR works the best. the Lion and Tiger of Gwasi, while great wooden coasters in their own right, pass by each other so quickly that you hardly even notice them. The Dragons lose their dueling aspect on all but the front seat (as with all inverts, the best visuals are in front) and you wind up with two mediocre Inverteds that only give the duel to the people in the front. LR, with its closely intertwining track and close calls keeps up the dueling action through out the whole ride, as well as the racing action.
3r1c on 8/2/2003 12:51:55 PM said:
LR is also very moody, but my OK rides outweigh the really good ones. The dueling aspect also doesnt have me holding my hands back, and its not really suprising. Ive ridden it in almost every seat, and Ive found the back to be most thrilling, as it has a few more pops of air and its neat to watch the train ahead of you.
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