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 Review of UFO @ Darien Lake
0 Rating Posted by: MagnumMan on 5/4/2003 12:57:00 PM
UFOs ride thats found in most carnivals or fairs. Its pretty cool. You stand up in a cage-like train while it spins, tilted on its side like a Silver Bullet ride. In fact its the same thing, only you are standing up. Heavy lateral G forces and a moderatly long ride make this one of the best in the park...or at your local fair...

Fact: The name, if im not mistaken, is the "Round-Up". Youve heard of that, havent you?

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Horizons12 on 2/26/2006 11:39:14 PM said:
I know this review was posted 3 years ago, but the Adrian Monk in me needs to correct something. The UFO is not at any carnival or fair in the US, the Round Up by Hrubetz is, and is much less extreme. The UFO is made by Huss.
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