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 Review of Raptor @ Cedar Point
0 Rating Posted by: Shorty on 7/23/2002 6:03:00 PM
Raptor didnt do much for me. I found it to be a bit rough, and even head bashing during the turn into the brake run. Katun and Talon both own it, much.

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smk on 7/28/2002 9:21:27 PM said:
raptor is not rough...
RCjunkie16 on 8/14/2002 4:17:56 PM said:
i agree and the layout blows Talon out of the water...the turn into the brake run is much smoother than alpengeists...shorty this is jus another of ur not explained reviews
smk on 8/14/2002 9:37:50 PM said:
Also, Katun is almost identical to Raptor
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