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Every Little Girls Dreamjob?
Submitted By: ThmPrkCrtc on 2/6/2009 9:21:00 AM
This just seems like the dream job of 6 year old gals everywhere. I mean getting to imagineer costumes for all those little dolls in a "Small World". Well Celina Lung has just that job, and talks about it...
In a costume workshop filled with bolts of fabric and a bulletin board brimming with accessories, Lung’s team sewed a muslin pattern for every doll and fit the outfits on a mannequin before testing the designs in the attraction. After a year of preparation, the dolls only received their final costumes in the last week.

It’s important to Lung that each doll wears a complete costume, right down to the socks, petticoat (or undershirt) and bloomers (or underwear).
Disney really knows how to get stories out there.. sometimes I feel like that's the only company I really post about, but they just get so much press it's hard to avoid sometimes. Come on other parks buck up!

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