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Small World Renovation Opens Friday
Submitted By: ThmPrkCrtc on 2/5/2009 9:31:00 AM
I'll be honest I'm not a big fan of the ride. Even as a kid I think I would have rather been given a bat and free reign in the ride, but I do recognize its popularity with kids and nostalgic parents.

In Small World, the characters -- which look like children playing dress-up -- show up in the settings of their original stories: Peter Pan and Tinker Bell fly over one tower of the London Bridge, the Pinocchio marionette appears in a puppet show in Italy; Aladdin and Jasmine ride a flying carpet in the Middle East scene.

"We wanted to add the Disney characters, because we wanted to give it a new life . . . to make it continue to be relevant to our audiences today, because we think this message is so important," Sklar said.
Here's a video with some sneak peaks of the new additions.

Now.. where is my bat.

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