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Transformers Singapore
Submitted By: ThmPrkCrtc on 2/4/2009 8:57:00 AM
The first Transformers based ride will end up in Singapore of all places, which means, I'll never be riding it. There's not much in the article about the actual ride, but my guess it'll probably be a long the lines of Spiderman just rethemed, guess we'll find out as it develops.
"Transformers will be a jewel in our collection of world-class rides based on great movies," said Universal Parks and Resorts chairman and CEO Tom Williams.

"We’re thrilled to be collaborating with Hasbro, DreamWorks, director Michael Bay and the film’s executive producer Steven Spielberg, who has been responsible for so many of our signature rides and attractions."

Spielberg, who serves as Universal Parks and Resorts creative consultant, has helped in the creation of some of the world’s most innovative theme park attractions.
I never really got the love for Spielberg and his involvement in park rides, E.T. never did a whole lot for me, a dark ride with a weird rider car. Jurrasic Park does have a pretty awesome looking dino, but the ride itself is hardly ground breaking. I love the guys movies for the most part, but him being tied to innovative attractions, eh, not so much.

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