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Author Five Things You Rank Parks On
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4/2/2005 5:52:52 PM
1. Being Clean
2. Attractions
3. How the staff runs the attractions.
4. Scenery
5. And Id like to say prices, but no matter where you go nowadays, everything is waaaaay expensive.(who wants to pay 3+ somethin for a bottle of water?)("But its aquafina!")
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4/26/2005 2:19:14 PM
The five things I rank parks on is:

1)Friendliness-This is my number one attribute I look for when I visit a park for the first time or any time for that matter. I consider myself a very friendly person and I would expect staff to greet every guests with a smile, a smirk or something. I recommend all parks utilize one of the best customer service techniques around--The 10-foot Rule-which means that anyone within 10 feet of you, you acknowledge them and greet them in a friendly manner.

2)Cleanliness-This is a major part of the attractiveness of a park and is a major factor on whether guests will return or not, along with the friendliness. Walkways, pool areas, restrooms, queues, landscaping, etc. all should be clean and organized at all times. Parks must enforce this issue to maintain a beautiful attractive place.

3)Accessibility-This is a broad attribute which consists of many things from variety of age-appropriate attractions to disabled guest access to informative signage. Being able to obtain information about any and everything in the park without having to ask everyone questions, is definitely a great attribute to possess. This is a huge part of Guest Services.

4)Value-From a monetary standpoint, I'm sure that everyone wants to know if they are getting their money's worth. A reasonable admission that is in conjunction with what the park has to offer is a major concern of most, if not all guests. Prices should be affordable and opportunities for discounts should always be available for guests to take advantage of.

5)Overall Experience-This is a combination of all the attributes above, including all out FUN. Is the park thrilling enough for a return visit? Did my children have equal opportunity to enjoy themselves, as I did? Would I really want to come back, even if they didn't add a single new attraction? These and many more questions should be asked to determine the overall experience.
Canobie Coaster
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10/7/2005 6:42:31 AM
The five things I rank parks on are;

1.Rides- I grade parks on the rides they have. I like parks that have a wide variety of rides. I believe that the rides should appeal to everyone. A good park should have plenty of kiddie rides, along with adult rides and family rides. A good park to me would have a fantastic wooden roller coaster (like the Phoenix, Yankee Cannonball, Sky Princess), at least one other roller coaster, many classic flat rides (like Flying Skooters, Scramblers, Tea Cups, Tilt-a-Whirls, Bumper Cars, Whip, Slide, and more), modern flat rides (like Wave Swingers, Paradrops, Drop Tower Rides, Launch Tower Rides, Power Surges, Rockin' Tugs, and more), a great dark ride (like the Haunted Mansion, the Mine of Lost Souls, ect.), awesome water rides (like Log Flumes, Shoot the Chutes, and Water Slides), kiddie rides (like round-abouts, and more), and other rides (like Trains and Sky Rides). I am happy if everyone, including me, in my family enjoys the rides, like at Knoebels and Canobie Lake Park.

2.Food- I also believe that an amusement park needs great food. You need to have a variety of food from fast food, to pizza, to meat, and so on. Amusement parks need many delicious foods to choose from. I especially enjoy good pizza like Canobie's pizza and Knoebel's pizza. The food also shouldn't be expensive. There should be many drinks to chose from and they should have ice, and not be sitting around for a long time.

3.Prices- This is another big category. Amusement parks shouldn't be overpriced, and I believe that parks should have at least one ride or attraction for every $1 you pay for an all-day ride pass or general admission. Parks that give free general admission are awesome, so not everyone has to ride if they don't want to. Pay per ride is great if it isn't overpriced. Also food, drinks, and souveniers shouldn't be overpriced.

4.Staff- At amusement parks the staff should be friendly, and care about the guests. I believe that the staff should work hard and be efficient. Also they need to have a sparkling personality and be enthusiastic. When working for rides, they must load them quickly, and help the guests. When serving food, they should help the guests get everything for their meal.

5.Atmosphere- An amusement park must have a great atmosphere. It should have plenty of lush plants, flowers, and trees (like Knoebels), or lots of theming (like Disney). Also, parks should be very clean, and look nice.
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9/19/2006 3:45:46 PM
1.Ride quality (Cedar Point)
2. Friendly staff (Knoebels)
3. Food quality (Knoebels)
4. reasonable prices (Knoebels)
5. and especially cleanliness (Cedar Point, i guess)
Ride reliability is also really important, (Busch Gardens) but this is my top

Message updated 9/19/2006 3:51:49 PM by jdale
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