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Author Deleting old/repeated threads
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Registered: 2/29/2004

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9/6/2005 11:36:34 PM
B-fun, Myself, Taco and others were mentioning about the massive amount of crap that is bogging up some of our forums. Would anyone object to the mods deleting some of those threads since they are no longer used, locked, repeated.

I realize our post counts may go down but if you are really worried about your amount of posts I am sure you will find new things to discuss.

This of course does not mean they would delete good reviews and ride comments. Just really useless threads.

Just post if you think cleaning up the site may help it since I am sensing a lot of older members who are getting discouraged.

I obviously vote to start trimming the fat in the forums.

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9/6/2005 11:48:22 PM
The topic we were discussing it in is right here.

If you care about your post counts *that* much, just do what Freebird does. Go be immature and spam in the Sig & Testing Forum. Obviously I am a go for cutting back on the retarded posts and topics, and I am even a go for possibly adding a new moderator.


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