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Antique Car Ride
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Ride Type: Track Guided Ride
Ride Status: Running
Average Rating: 3.6667
TPC Overall Rank: Rides need more than 25 reviews to be ranked.
Reviews: 8
Last Review: 7/1/2009 4:21:00 PM
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User Tracker Count: 20 times.

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3 Rating
0 Rating Rate Down Rate Up jeopardyfish on 7/1/2009 4:21:00 PM
This ride is just average among antique cars...the track is of OK length but isn't terribly interesting. Children do like "driving" though...for adults, you might ride this as a quick relaxer.

3 Rating
0 Rating Rate Down Rate Up MJack on 10/5/2007 10:52:00 PM
A long slow line to drive cheesy electric cars, I dont think so.

4 Rating
0 Rating Rate Down Rate Up jdale on 12/20/2005 1:18:00 PM
Alas, this ride hasnt been ridden by me in several years. I do know that it was my first antique car ride, and I enjoyed it a lot, I think. I still have photos of the ride in my photo album, and it sure looked like I had fun. Cant say much, folks. Sorry. I want to come back to Storyland and make better reviews.

4 Rating
0 Rating Rate Down Rate Up Canobie Coaster on 7/28/2005 8:06:00 AM
Story Land has one of my favorite Antique Car rides that generally has a very long wait. Located to the left of the main entrance, the Antique Cars occupy a lot of space. All of the new Chance Cars are very sleek and were new. Located in a garage-like station, the Antique Cars usually have a long slow moving line. I generally walk by and pass it because of its 40 minute to 1 hour wait. Once in the electric cars, you travel around a long, nice-looking track. At one point you travel over a bridge and later pass under it. You have a long and interesting layout. All the cars are easy to drive and steer. Overall, one of the best Antique Car rides I have been on and shouldnt be missed by anyone who enjoys Antique Cars or children who have always wanted to drive. This is a great relaxation ride.

3 Rating
0 Rating Rate Down Rate Up haddock423 on 6/25/2004 10:17:00 PM
Too long a line, but otherwise a great ride!

4 Rating
0 Rating Rate Down Rate Up Disney on 3/19/2003 6:46:00 PM
great for the kids (like all the rides in this park) one of the longer waits in line at the park but kids really get a kick about driving these cars!

4 Rating
0 Rating Rate Down Rate Up coasterkev on 3/12/2002 10:47:00 AM
they are electric and relly nice

4 Rating
0 Rating Rate Down Rate Up mrceagle on 10/30/2001 12:11:00 AM
This car ride has a really long track. The new chance cars are stunning a great ride for a family park. The sound effects can be a bit Cheesy since it’s a small speaker that emits the sound. I do like the fact they have sensors so that you cant hit another car. The power shuts down the back car gets too close to the front one.

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