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Ride Type: Steel Coaster
Ride Status: Running
Average Rating: 4.8110
TPC Overall Rank: #6 out of 2933 rides.
Reviews: 146
Last Review: 12/14/2015 12:17:00 AM
In User Top 10: 211 times.
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Superman From Afar

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That amazing first drop...

Superman rests today.
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5 Rating
+4 Rating Rate Down Rate Up shag9004 on 11/16/2007 1:54:00 PM - User's Top Ride #5
Date Ridden: June of 2007. Times Ridden: 7 with one ride in Row 2, 2 rides in the very back, and the others spaced out toward the middle and back. Where do I start? Ok, I guess Ill start with the crazy idea I came up with in March of this year. I had already ridden the famous Millenium Force and was bound and determined to ride what my buddy and myself call "The Number 1 Ride in the World". ROS continually defeats MF not only in the Golden Tickets but also in the much more accurate Mitchs Poll each year. I had to know what all the fuss was about. So I came up with the idea of riding both coasters within a 12 hours span. We started off leaving GA on a Tuesday night, driving all night to a small coaster place known as 6 Flags Great Adventure with a couple of "decent" coasters. I have done my El Toro and Nitro reviews so there is no need to get into them. Kingda Ka was great but still a disappointment in my book. Anyway, we stayed for 4 hours and then took off up the interstate with our google directions taking us to Agawam. In between, we worked our way across the George Washington Bridge in 5 Oclock traffic in which 12 lanes on one side of the toll booth were being funnelled into 4 lanes on the other side. We think of this incidently fondly as "The GW Car Orgy". This put us seriously behind schedule but we decided to head up to Superman anyway. By the time we got there, they were not even taking up money for parking anymore so with our passes riding Superman cost us nothing but gas to get up there. We were able to get in 7 rides in 90 minutes. As you can see from my ride tracker we rode absolutely nothing else in the park. We did not even walk around the park. We went straight to Superman, rode it until they made us leave, and then made it out to our car. We then drove another 8 hours to Sandusky (where we stayed for a couple of days in an actual hotel room with a bed to sleep in instead of a car with duffle bags as pillows in the back seat). Ok how about the ride? It is as great as everyone says it is. It offers unbelievable airtime, particularly in the back seat. It is smooth as silk and the pacing never lets up from the first drop into the tunnel all the way through the airtime hills going back, around the helix into the mist-filled tunnel and over the camelback humps at the end. It is virtually a perfect ride with a wonderful view of the park (it was the only way were able to see the entire park) and the river. We wanted to ride the front but with our limited time along with the huge line (about 20 extra minutes) we decided to get as many laps as possible. Plus on Intamin hypers, the second seat is almost as good since the seats on the back rows of each car are elevated. We were in the line for the 3rd seat but ended being offered the seats in the second row due to a group wanting to ride together. My favorite part of the ride is probably a part however that does not even contain any airtime. The helix that takes you on a dive into a refreshing tunnel of mist was probably the part I looked forward to the most on each lap. As far as airtime, which is what the coaster is about, the hill on the way back from the overbanked turnaround which takes your picture (I dont remember if it is the 2nd or 3rd) has the sickest amount of the entire ride. You are absolutely ejected from your seat on this portion. In conclusion, Superman ranks as my # 2 ride (although it is virtually tied with Millennium Force in my may even be a little better but read my MF review and you can see why I list it as # 1) and deserves its Golden Ticket. Intamin has a winner with this one without a doubt. I look forward to getting back up to Agawam and checking it out again.

5 Rating
+1 Rating Rate Down Rate Up Golden on 10/14/2007 11:17:00 AM - User's Top Ride #1
Its a bird, its a plane, its Superman! Now I went with the band Im a part of to Six Flags after a competition, which we did well in by the way, and I had a limited time here. Well, obviously my number one priority was the Man of Steel himself. How could I not ride this goliath of a coaster after hearing so much praise towards it from enthusiast to enthusiast? Just to sum it up, Superman did not disappoint.

Running along the back of the park along the Connecticut River, Superman towers over everything else in the park as from anywhere in the park Supermans red track can be seen. Well I ran right for the DC area once I got into Six Flags and right into Supermans queue. As I made my way throught the queue overhead I heard Supermans roar as a train flew into the "spaghetti bowl" portion of the ride. As a result of a one train operation (a common and annoying theme of my day), I ended up waiting about 35-40 minutes and it was on a school day for Massachusetts kids!

Eventually after the slow crawl through the queue I made my way up to the station and was instantly drawn to the back seat. After two more circuits it was finally my turn to ride what many consider to be the worlds number one coaster. The T-bar was very comfortable and the seatbelt didnt at all ruin my experience. The "ankle restraints" (more like ankle pads) were certainly annoying, but they didnt really ruin my ride and I cant complain if thats what was needed to keep this amazing coaster operating. The employees were as slow as molasses as it took about 5 minutes for them to dispatch the train which flat out is an embarrassment.

Eventually Superman began the slow climb up the massive lift hill. The views on the way up are spectacular as to the left is the placidness of the Connecticut River and the woods and to the right is a bustling and New Englands biggest amusement park. Once Superman crested the lift hill, I was treated to the insane drop that easily was the best element of Superman. Then I was absolutely catapulted from my seat as the train plunged down the incredible drop. I dont know how steep that drop is, but it seemed vertical when the train flew down it. The action didnt stop there as it was followed by a brief underground tunnel that caught me by my unawares and I instinctively hurled my hands down in fear of them being chopped off. Afterwards came a giant parabolic hill which provided some juicy air-time and that was followed by an insanely fast over-banked turn. Now I know why Superman is faster than a speeding bullet because I felt like my face would be ripped right off there. Following that Superman careened over two more incredible air-time hills that completely tore me from my seat and showed me what kind of air-time Superman is praised for. Then came a giant swooping hill followed by a frighteningly fast low-to-the-ground turn followed by a speedy air-time producing S-hill. Afterwards was Supermans iconic plunge into the mist-filled tunnel which was incredible. Again I was ripped from my seat and this drop I was treated to some amazing laterals to boot. After the brief tunnel there were two more ejector air-time inducing hills that were a fantastic finale. Then Superman hit the brake run still with incredible speed to boot.

Superman was a perfect Intamin creation that blended the insane elements of hyper coasters that I have always read about: giant drops and air-time hills, two things Superman had plenty of. This easily is my new number one coaster and it overthrew California Screamin, my previous numero uno. What really impressed me along with the obvious was the lacking of the mid-course brake run which made Superman much more intense. Superman alone is worth the price of entering Six Flags New England and there is no way on Earth that you could skip riding the Man of Steel.<script src=

5 Rating
0 Rating Rate Down Rate Up SDMSimmons on 9/23/2007 2:25:00 PM - User's Top Ride #5
One of my top ten coasters of all time. Whoever decided to put it right next to the river was an absolute genius, as that not only provides a wonderful view but it also intensifies the illusion of danger during the lift, and may even make it seem higher than if you were viewing the parking lot. The mist and all the turns add to the excitement of the ride. I love the theming in the queue line (some of my favorite comics art), and the exit into the Metropolis store is a nice marketing touch.

5 Rating
+4 Rating Rate Down Rate Up Canobie Coaster on 7/22/2007 9:03:00 AM - User's Top Ride #4
Many coasters out there have tons of hype associated with them. Some live up to it, while others don’t. Well ladies and gentleman the Man of Steel definitely lived up to his impressive reputation and even exceeded it! This is definitely one of the few rides on the planet that totally lack any dull moments once cresting the lift hill, providing the ultimate blend of negative and positive Gs, drops and helixes. Superman excels in many fields to say the least and is totally deserving of all the accolades and rave reviews it constantly receives. This Intamin creation truly is a masterpiece and one of the best coasters I have ever been on!

Having only been to one Six Flags park, I can’t comment on the entire chain, but I have always heard so many negatives towards Six Flags in terms of their theming, or lack there of. However, I thought Six Flags did an incredible job with Superman’s theming. From the Metropolis buildings around the ride to the very nice station, Superman looks well super! The ride ops are very energetic pumping everyone up for their ride and getting the station buzzing with excitement. This was so different from the complaints I have heard from others about Six Flags’ ops being uninterested and unfriendly. Well coaster enthusiasts aren’t the only ones in love with this steel monster, but regular park-goers as well.

Generally I have found Superman to average 20 minute waits for me on weekdays. I can’t comment on weekends since I’ve never visited the park on weekends due to horrific stories of unbearable crowds from friends and other enthusiasts. Superman has a very high capacity, running 2 trains each seating a whopping 36 passengers. Loading could be a tad faster, but it definitely has improved with each of my visits. Having been on a Morgan and B&amp;M hyper, I have to say that Intamin has the least comfortable of the seats of the three. That being said, Superman still is quite comfortable thanks to a simple seatbelt and lap bar.

Now onto the ride (isn’t that the point of reviewing it?). The ride begins with a long and relaxing climb up a 200+ foot lift hill. From here unobstructed views of the rest of the park’s thrills can be enjoyed off to the right or the tranquility of the Connecticut River can be enjoyed off to the left. Soon the train crests the lift hill beginning the insanity.

Superman begins with one of the best drops found anywhere, a steep, and I mean steep 220ft plunge that catapults riders skyward. Reaching speeds around 77mph, the train narrowly enters a wonderfully executed underground tunnel that provides one of the most frightening headchoppers on any ride. However, the excitement is only beginning as Superman then treated me to a good parabolic hill that gives a hearty dose of air. Then with such grace, speed, and intensity few coasters could execute, Superman flies through an intense overbanked turn that just piled on the Gs. Briefly after came two of the best air-time hills found on any ride. If you think you know what air-time is, get out to New England and experience these two hills and they alone will redefine what air-time is. Once you crest those hills, your butt won’t touch your seat until you reach the bottom.

At this point many coasters would let up, but Superman avoided the almighty kryptonite and then some. From what I had heard from other enthusiasts, the second half pales in comparison with the first half. That certainly wasn’t the case for me. Without losing a step, Superman rockets into an intense helix that really treats riders to some of the strongest Gs I’ve ever experienced. I can’t say the strongest because after a huge, swooping air-time hill, another helix provides some of the most powerful Gs of any coaster I’ve ever experienced. Next came the picturesque s-hill into the second and final of Superman’s tunnel, which provides incredible ejector air mixed with great laterals. But just before hitting the brake run, Superman has yet another drop filled with negative Gs and then two more great bunny hills that give air just as advertised, and then some. Still maintaining speed that would be a top speed for many other coasters, Superman speeds into the brake run finally giving riders a chance to breathe.

Superman is only behind Apollo in my opinion for best coaster out there. The Man of Steel just excels in so many areas- air-time, Gs, intensity, speed, pacing- the list goes on and on. I can’t imagine how much better the ride should become after it’s transformation since I already think it’s one of the best rides even without the added effects. Thanks to relentless pacing, best air of any other steel coaster I’ve been on, and just intensity that rivals the real Superman, Superman is simply a coaster that no enthusiast should miss.

4 Rating
-2 Rating Rate Down Rate Up spartanfan on 5/23/2007 9:48:00 PM
Wow what a freakin unbelivable ride! Intamin did a great job with this.

5 Rating
+2 Rating Rate Down Rate Up biosciking on 3/5/2007 11:18:00 PM
Let me begin my review by siding with the masses. SFNEs Superman Ride of Steel is a coaster that is certainly worthy of a 10 rating. It is powerful and smooth and incredibly fun and looks great along the back side of the park. However, I must now go out on my own and say that this was my least favorite of the three S:ROSs. This had perhaps the nicest ascent of the three, with the tranquil river bordering the lift. But its not really the lift that makes the ride. I noticed immediately upon cresting the apex that the first drop felt less steep than the New York and Maryland versions. Also, though I was sitting in the back just as I did on those others, I felt no forceful airtime-producing thrust into the first drop. All of the hills that followed (and it was nice that there were three or four of them consecutively) felt much the same. There was airtime to be sure, but not as much as I would have expected, based on the raves that this ride receives, as well as the insane airtime that I experienced on the other two Supermans. I also didnt feel the speed as much on this one. So many people complain that the Supermans at SFA and SFDL are too spread out with too much straight track, but I loved that about those rides. There is blatant speed as the trains tear through those portions of the tracks. I think that the second half of this ride, with its more compact, curvy layout, definitely slowed down. This led to the final bunny hops that were taken with less speed and less airtime--overall less forceful than its counterparts. My entire group had absolutely loved Superman at Darien Lake, so boarding this one I let them all know that this Superman was consistently ranked as better. As the train returned to the station, we all looked at each other and unanimously agreed that it wasnt. We rode twice, to make sure our first ride wasnt just a fluke, but the response was the same. I dont mean to sound too negative about the ride, because, as I said, it was very, very good, worthy of a 10. But, and I know Im in the tiny minority here, I do stand by my opinion that this Superman ROS is not quite as good as the other two.

5 Rating
+1 Rating Rate Down Rate Up Got_it on 11/2/2006 3:45:00 PM - User's Top Ride #3
While its name is Superman: Ride of Steel. Dont be fooled, it is not another one of those crappy Daren Lake models, this blows those away. Standing a mighty 208 high, it can be seen from the highway even when you are still 20 mins away. When you come right up to it, it seams even higher. And if you are standing anywhere around it when the train flies by, the ground shakes and everyone looks up, much like if the real superman flew by. The enterence can be easy to miss as it is part of one of the buildings and there really isnt much of a sign. You board the train and get ready your you quick assent to the top of this steel monster. Once at the top you look over the top and see track shooting into a tinny hole in the ground, that you think you could never fit in. Then you fly down what feels like a 90 angle. You fly into the mist filled tunnel, and sail right back out. Go over an air time filled hill, though an over banked turn, then into the two big air times hills. After this you travle up a large hill banking to the right then turn and go back down to the left, though a big helix, then up turn to the left another helix, then you dive though another mist filled tunnel, past the Thunder Bolt, then two bunny hops a turn to the right then the break run. This is defintly a ride that has to be ridden to be believed. Being only their 2nd hyper to open, I think that Intamin did a great job. If you go to Six Flags and miss this ride, I dont know how you could call your self a coaster enthusiasts.

5 Rating
0 Rating Rate Down Rate Up sowinski on 9/8/2006 11:22:00 PM - User's Top Ride #2
This coaster is amazing. Tons of airtime, very fast, cool misty tunnel, riverside setting, good ending, comfortable restraints and fast powerful turn around sections. The back of the coaster gives the best ride. The day I went, business was slow, so I was able to get 7 rides, while checking out most of the attractions in the park, including shows. Otherwise, I could have ridden it even more.

5 Rating
+1 Rating Rate Down Rate Up darobbert on 8/29/2006 4:17:00 PM - User's Top Ride #1
umm this might be the best coaster ive ever been on
this was my 25th coaster and ive been to dorney and also great adventure back in 96
and this coaster owned every one ive ever been on
even talon V which was my favorite before i did this...

deffintely a must ride
although im not one of those insane people crazy enough to let go during the drops
and if its one of your first coasters
dont let go
great ride

5 Rating
0 Rating Rate Down Rate Up Condor37 on 8/16/2006 12:18:00 PM - User's Top Ride #1
we waited 2 hours for this ride...and it was so good, that we almost waited again if it wasnt for park closing. does that sum it up of how much of a great ride this truly is?

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