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Storm Runner
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Ride Type: Steel Coaster
Ride Status: Running
Average Rating: 4.3704
TPC Overall Rank: #78 out of 2933 rides.
Reviews: 66
Last Review: 8/8/2017 5:45:00 PM
In User Top 10: 66 times.
User Tracker Count: 128 times.

Storm Runner
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4 Rating
0 Rating Rate Down Rate Up ads102 on 6/28/2008 5:27:00 PM
The launch is fantastic, but the rest of the ride is too short.

4 Rating
0 Rating Rate Down Rate Up immelman on 1/29/2008 8:58:00 PM
This was the reason I came to Hershey Park, the whole concept of the ride seemed very cool. But after riding it I was a little bit dissapointed. The launch is great and the top hat was fun (I dont have any others to compare it to) but the inversions all felt clunky and awkward. The restraints didnt help either as they gave me bruises in multiple areas of the coaster. Even though its longer than a lot of rocket coasters, it still gets over with too fast. It was brand new the last time I visited, so I didnt get a chance to ride it more than once.

5 Rating
0 Rating Rate Down Rate Up T-Rex on 12/20/2007 5:51:00 PM
Amazing Intamin coaster that is my second favorite launched coaster out there, just behind Maverick. The launch was very strong and fast, as I was pinned to my seat by the incredible Gs. After that was a great top hat that gave good air going over the top and then a great air time producing drop on the way down and following that was a massive Immelman that provided decent hang-time. Following that was a heartline roll (good hang-time) and then the best inversion Ive ever experienced on a coaster, the flying snake dive, which gave great hang-time and was very disorienting to boot. Following that were some speedy twists and turns and the whole ride was really smooth throughout.

4 Rating
0 Rating Rate Down Rate Up alliu23 on 8/17/2007 12:58:00 AM
This was a pretty good ride. Im not a huge fan of the rocket coasters, but it was definitely a thrill.

4 Rating
0 Rating Rate Down Rate Up rocketman23 on 8/14/2007 3:35:00 PM
I have some mixed feelings on this ride. Having been a fan of Dragster, I was expecting to really like this extended version more than Dragster, but I found that not to be true. The moves after the intial launch-hill combo were not that thrilling and did not compensate for the slower launch and shorter height. The ride is still excellent for a steel coaster, but it fell short of my anticipation. I found out that, for me on these coasters, the launch and height is the deciding factor.

4 Rating
0 Rating Rate Down Rate Up primogen18 on 8/14/2007 4:28:00 AM - User's Top Ride #1
My first rocket coaster, and said to be one of the best (and THE best in the US), and it lived up to all of the hype I had read. The launch was powerful and theres even some air on the tophat, after that t he elements were perfectly timed and SO smooth, I loved the barrel roll before the dive loop, or the "snake dive" I believe. It ended so fast tho, it just seemed over so fast, but otherwise its alot of fun and seems longer/more interesting then its other US counterparts.

4 Rating
+1 Rating Rate Down Rate Up coasterf42 on 6/20/2007 7:08:00 PM
I had so many expectations for Storm Runner, and while it was a very good ride, few of my expectations were fully met. To start off with, this was my first Intamin Rocket coaster, and my 48th overall coaster. At the time, the only two Intamin coasters I had been on (Volcano and SROS) were clear cut 1-2 in my top 10, so of course I would be excited here. Storm Runner easily looks like the most well-rounded rocket coaster to date, (unless you consider Baco to be "to date" and it was four years more modern than either of my favorite coasters. Plus, almost every review I have read says it blows Volcano away, and it could indeed be the worlds best rocket coaster.

So, at the end of the day, Storm Runner was good, but had me wanting a bit more. The disclaimer here is I only rode it once. I really wish I would have ridden it again, as I tend to appreciate coasters more after re-rides, but considering they were only running one train and I was with my family, there just wasnt an opportunity. However, I am brave enough to say this ride was a bit of a let-down, because when I ride a truly amazing coaster, I am blown away on the first ride, and I wasnt quite blown away here.

The launch was great, but not amazing. It definitely cant touch Hypersonics acceleration, and maybe even Volcano has it beat, because of the sustained speed you get with Volcano. The top hat was okay, but not great as well. I am not really a fan of "crawling" over anything on a fast-paced coaster, no matter how great the view is. Thats probably why I dont like the crest of the vertical hills on Hypersonic and Storm Runner. Also, I got no airtime on top, probably due to the funky restraints. I actually liked the restraints, because they were fairly comfortable, even for a 6-3 person, but I think they prevented airtime on TOP of the top hat. Now, the way down the top hat was a different story! Lots of weird floater airtime was to be had there, and was one of the better parts of the ride.

The sidewinder was okay, but nothing really got me. No great forces and really just not a memorable inversion. Now, for the rides saving grace, the flying snake dive! (Or as I like to call it, a double zero-g roll that is exited up-side-down) That was just an unbelievable moment I wasnt ready for at all. It was so intense and really, double the fun! One unbelievable element right after the other. Storm Runners flying snake dive is definitely one of my favorite inversions, and certainly my favorite "modern" inversion, with only Schwarzkopf loops toping it.

Then the ride does a very cool twist, but it seems to look better than it actually is. I know that was a long review, but I thought the ride was too short. Launch, top hat, sidewinder, flying snake dive, twist, and brakes. It would have been amazing, had something other than the flying snake dive been outstanding. Basically it was a good launch, good tophat, good sidewinder, outstanding double zero-g roll, and good twist. A bunch of good, and one thing great.

Dont get me wrong, it is a great ride, and perhaps with another ride, I will be able to fully appreciate it. However, as of right now, I think its slightly overrated and definitely not the best ride at Hersheypark. And if this truly is Intamins best rocket coaster, then I am going to have to seriously rethink my grand fanboyism of the company!

4 Rating
0 Rating Rate Down Rate Up ibluv on 6/8/2007 9:30:00 PM
Eh. This was my first launch coaster, and the launch itself was great. Ive never gone from 0-70 in 2 seconds or whatever it is before, and what a thrill that is. I look like a sharpey (sp?) in my on-ride photo as my cheeks are pressed flat against my face in layers...LOL

Launch aside, Stormrunner was a letdown. The Immelman and Zero-G roll didnt do much for me. The speed was a lot slower through the body of the ride and after the initial launch the rest of it seemed like a kiddie coaster to me, plus the restraints werent that comfortable and there wasnt really anything to hold on to, and this is definitely not one of those GET YOUR HANDS THE HELL IN THE AIR type rides.

Launch coasters arent known for their lengths or elements, and I knew this before going to Hershey. I didnt expect to be blown away and I wasnt. I only wish I spent more time on the woodies...

5 Rating
0 Rating Rate Down Rate Up Got_it on 12/22/2006 8:50:00 AM - User's Top Ride #5
I had been in the park all day and it had gotten pretty late and the park was going to close in half an hour, although I was scared out of my mind I knew I needed to ride Storm Runner which at the time was new for that year. Towering over the Trailblazer, this red tracked monster with it’s silver support columns, it’s the tallest and fastest coaster in the park. Being one of the second fastest coasters in Pennsylvania toping out at 75mph, you would think it would be very tall, but it’s not. Because Hershey had limited space, they did not have room for a big tall lift hill. They called in Intamin, who had recently came up with a new launching technology. In the past coasters had used many methods of propulsion Flywheel launch, Reverse incline launch, weight drop launch, Compressed Air Launch, Linier Induction Motors, and the traditional old chain lift. This coaster uses a hydraulic launch system. The basic concept of a hydraulic launch system is similar to a traditional chain lift, but magnified times 12. Instead of a chain, the coaster uses a cable that is wound around a giant winch. Attached to the cable is a catch car, a device that latches onto the trains and rockets them down the launch track. To hook the two, a "dog" drops down in the center of the train and hooks into the catch car. About two-thirds of the way horizontal launch track, the train reaches its top speed, the dog lifts and detaches from the catch car, magnetic brakes slow the catch car, and the train continues up the 150’ vertical tower. This high tech system snaps you from 0 to 72 mph in just 2 seconds. Other bigger rides with this type of launch system, can bring a train of 5 cars from 0 to 128mph in just 3.5 seconds, then shoot it up a 456’ foot vertical tower, then back down going straight down the other side. This is of coarse the record breaking Kingda Ka, the tallest and fastest coaster in the world.

The launch track is parallel with the midway, so as you are approaching it there are trains of screaming people flying past you. I rode it at night which made it more fun. I walked up to the entrance, and my dad chickened out, so it was all me. I was, at the time, still a little bit scared of roller coasters so I was nervous. I walked into the queue and the sign said “35 minute wait from this point” That isn’t that bad for such a new coaster on a weekend, plus I didn’t know when I would be back next, so I decided to ride it anyway. I get in the line and waited and waited. This is back when I used to be a big Red Sox fan, so I was wearing a Red Sox hat. This family of Yankee fans were harassing me the whole time I was in the line. Right before we boarded the train, I told off the parents, because they were doing most of the harassing. Also the whole time I had to pee, really bad, but if I got out of the line to go, I would have to wait all over again and probably not get on, as they closed the queue. So I just decided to deal with it, if worse came to worse I had a cup from the lemon aid I was drinking before. So between the screaming Yankee fans, the unseasonable cold winds, and my bladder ready to burst like a fire hydrant, I wasn’t in the best mood. Waiting for this ride was quickly becoming no freaking night in France. So after 35 mins of being rather miserable, I am finally next, I couldn’t sit in the front, but I wasn’t going to let that rain on my parade. I boarded the train, threw my stuff on the other side of the platform, and sat down. It had a lap bar and over the shoulder system, to keep you in. There was a big sign on the back of the seat not to put your hands up, for the obvious reason. We were in the right station. So we made a sharp turn to the left then to the right. We slowly rolled out to the launch track. I looked over and saw my dad, we were close enough to be able to talk to each other so I said hi and other things. When we were ready to launch we rolled back a little bit, so the catch car could grab the train. It made a fa

5 Rating
+5 Rating Rate Down Rate Up PhantomNik on 10/4/2006 1:48:00 PM
For me, Storm Runner represents an evolution in one of the newer coaster types being offered today, the Intamin rocket coaster. While the two most notable installations focused almost solely on height and blistering speed, Hershey decided to really get innovative when they added their rocket. In fact, they brought something to the table that at the time had never been implemented on a rocket coaster – inversions. For that alone, I think Hershey really does deserve to be commended! I was a huge fan of Hershey the first two times I visited, so when we strolled from Dorney to Knoebels last summer, I figured why not make a trip of it and head back to the land of chocolate! The driving force behind that decision was Storm Runner.

To be perfectly honest, I wondered to myself how inversions would work on a rocket coaster. The layout certainly seemed inspired from what I had seen, but I just kept thinking about how it might feel (or hurt) to take inversions on at such a high speed. Well, thankfully for me and all the other riders, the folks at Hershey knew exactly what they were doing! Like with the other two of these types of coasters I have ridden, Storm Runner dominates the parks skyline. From the parking lot, you can see the slick top hat standing proudly above the park. It’s an interesting top hat too, as it has supports along the sides but really nothing connected to the upper cresting portion. This is perfectly safe of course, thanks to some physics, but it was amusing seeing people look at it and proclaim that they wouldn’t ride because it didn’t even look safe! Oh well, the less people I have to worry about in a coaster line, the better!

During our trip there, I was very surprised to see that the lines for Storm Runner were rather minimal, and at times, they were almost non-existent! I managed to snag 8 rides on Storm Runner over our 2 day visit, which to me was great! The queue is nice, and spots of it are shaded by a few trees. A little western flair is present, which is nice, and it is amazing how they fit this coaster in amongst several other attractions without making the area congested. I was also very pleased to see the little viewing area near the launch, as it really creates a fun atmosphere around the ride! Plus, with the way this coaster was laid out over walking paths, you can get some nice close-up views of the top hat drop and various inversions. I guess it’s the engineer in me, but I enjoy getting a close look at the design of coasters that are of this newer technology. The wait in line goes by rather quickly, as the crews here are very efficient and they keep the line moving remarkably well considering there are only 2 trains! The split/dual station design is nice and very organized, making it easy to pick a side and find an available row. After no more than a few train wait each time I rode, I was saddling up to take a wild ride! The trains are comfortable and the necessary OTSRs are actually roomy and not too confining at all. Slowly the train meanders out to the launching area, and sounds of horses play over the speakers (a nice touch!). Then you hear those awesome words – "Now get ready, here we GO!!!"

The launch is very smooth and powerful as the train knifes through the air up to 72 mph in a mere 2 seconds flat! It may not be as fast as some of the other rocket coasters, but don’t let that fool you – this launch still packs a wonderful wallop!! Next you fly up the top hat, turning 90 degrees to the left. The train does not slow down much before sending riders plunging straight down into a valley! This drop is packed with airtime and is a total blast! Plus, due to the valley, the drop itself is bigger than the top hat. You plunge 180 feet, though the top hat is only 150 feet high. This was a great design to produce a drop bigger than what it might appear upon first glance. The next element is a very large Immelmann loop, providing great G’s while being extremely smooth. In fact, the<

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