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 Review of Incredible Hulk Coaster @ Islands of Adventure
-1 Rating Posted by: sfnesros on 12/7/2001 3:05:00 PM
this is a ride that will have you screaming the whole time. the launch is mind blowing, and the inversions are smooth and intense. one of the greatest rides ever! During the boomerang over the water, my vision went blury and gray as the force were incredible.

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lopety17 on 1/6/2002 3:07:13 PM said:
its called a batwing, this is b and m!!!! even tho this coaster is a poor representation of their coaster designing and manufacturing skill! for froces try montu! or kumba or the might BRITISH nemesis that delivers 4g!
sfnesros on 1/8/2002 2:31:45 PM said:
I have been on kumba and montu. Great rides, but not on par with the hulk
sfnesros on 3/2/2002 7:32:03 PM said:
by the way, 4gs isnt really that special, and many rides produce as many gs. So please stop saying that as if 4gs is exclusivley on nemesis
Sephiroth7 on 3/2/2002 8:08:29 PM said:
It is not a "batwing", it is a corbra roll. Gs schmees...the launch produces the same feeling of taking off in a fighter jet, which by todays standards isnt that impressive, but however, you are then spun into a groll and forced back down to the ground. Where can you find ANYTHING like that on rides you mentioned? Besides the Hulk, there is still a better B+M in FL then the two you mentioned....Kraken. Lets just put it this way. EVERY ride that is mentioned here is good....opinions simply vary...and why do u not like the Hulk?
DJBLADE on 3/3/2002 3:55:07 PM said:
I am sort of confused as to what is going on, but you might asw well kill the conversation because the Hulk is by far the best coaster on the planet!
Paul on 3/3/2002 4:28:39 PM said:
Get Out More...
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