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 Review of Penquin Encounter @ Sea-World Florida
0 Rating Posted by: Sephiroth7 on 11/1/2001 6:06:00 PM
A little short for my taste and not in the same league as Terrors of the Deep. See if if you have time, but there are better things to do in Sea World. More fun than Journey to Atlantis though...

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xDisney on 12/2/2001 6:36:41 PM said:
Hey Seph, How does this compare to Popeye ?
Sephiroth7 on 12/4/2001 1:03:16 AM said:
PE-6 Pop-10 you do the math...
xDisney on 12/5/2001 6:10:12 PM said:
Maybe they could put costumes on the Penguins and call it the Popeye Encounter
SLFAKE on 12/6/2001 2:09:44 PM said:
Hard to understand how a wildlife exhibit can be compared to a thrill ride. Oh well... just another excuse for someone to take another cheap shot at JtA.
Sephiroth7 on 12/6/2001 4:32:45 PM said:
Cheap shot at JTA? Man, Sea World is one of my favorite parks. I love mostly everything there. A six is not a bad score. I liked this attraction, but I didnt think it was as good as other attractions in Sea World. I just mentioned is more fun than JTA. I didnt compare the two attractions. Go jump in a lake, fake...
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