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 Review of Zipper, The @ Trimpers Rides & Amusements
0 Rating Posted by: DmctNY8 on 10/10/2001 5:37:00 PM
Much better than the Chaos rides found throughout the country. This park has an especially good one because of the water view. This is the best ride in the park. Better than the tower, Tidal Wave and Toboggen. This is the second best flat ride I have rideen (behind the Derby Racer at Playland in Rye New York.) I like this ride so much because of its unpredictable nature. Unlike other flip rides this one also has height and isnt all that painful. If you ever come to Ocean City, MD. and have not experienced a Zipper be sure to give this a ride.

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darkridrMD on 7/18/2004 12:24:33 PM said:
It has been quite a few years since Ive ridden this Zipper, but I have to say thanks to this review, Ive got to do it again. Good job on making me miss it. Ever think of going into advertising? :-)
DmctNY8 on 8/30/2004 7:21:13 PM said:
Dont expect miracles, its good, but its still a Zipper. But I should ask for a 50% commisiion from the Trimpers! lol
Predator on 9/15/2006 3:32:47 PM said:
This is the second best flat ride I have riden. You must really hate flats then considering its your second favorite. No, 10??
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