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 Review of Iron Wolf @ Six Flags Great America
0 Rating Posted by: B&Mfreak on 10/1/2001 9:14:00 PM
first stand-up coaster in the world. this ride is intense and unique.

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xDisney on 10/28/2001 10:10:02 PM said:
Bogus Poster - Just gave all B&M coasters a 10. Check his posting hitory.
B&M Rider on 3/15/2002 7:17:02 PM said:
i think he means first B&M stand-up, or first ride made by B&M after they split away from intamin, and even if he is a bogus poster, its not like hes wrong about B&M. They r the kings of coasters
XtremeFan8 on 3/15/2002 10:18:00 PM said:
who cares- the guy nos his rides! however he does not no more than me about B&M- in fact no1 does!
B&M Rider on 3/17/2002 3:15:34 PM said:
really? lets see how much u know about B&M. what was the first B&M hyper? Invert? Floorless? Flyer? Verticle drop coaster? What coaster company used to supply B&M with their coaster track before they left the coaster industry? What coaster park claimed to have the first B&M invert, even though they were wrong? ill leave u with that much
DemonRules on 1/21/2003 5:44:41 PM said:
hey, instead of arguing over who knows more, how about we just all agree that b&m freak knows nothing? this ride is a 5 at best. its old, outdated, and violent
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